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What is Facebook Advertising?

Tips for Getting Started with Successful Ad Campaigns

What is Facebook Advertising? Facebook advertising provides a way for businesses to reach and target current and potential customers with ad creative and messages relevant to them. Advertisers create campaigns that have specific goals and create ads within those campaigns to help them reach those goals.


Where does Facebook advertising appear?


Facebook ads are shown to audiences for desktop and mobile in the News Feed and/or the right column. Showing your ad in these placements helps you reach your audience wherever they are.


How much does Facebook advertising cost?


You decide how much you want to spend on your Facebook ads by setting a budget for each campaign you create. Facebook uses an ads auction system so you can bid to have your ad shown to the audience of your choice. These bids are based on the cost per click on your ad or the cost per impression on your ad. There are a few main factors that can influence the cost of your Facebook advertising:


How do I target my Facebook ads to potential customers?


You choose the audience that you want to reach with your ad. This is called targeting. There are a lot of targeting options on Facebook, including choosing an audience based on demographics and interests or creating a custom audience based on your own customer mailing list. 

How do I create Facebook ads?


You can create Facebook ads through Ads Manager or a Facebook Marketing Partner, like us, who can help you build and optimize your ads as well as to measure their success. You can also follow these steps:


1. Make sure you’re logged into an ad account that has the right permissions to run an app ad.


2. Select Create Ad from the top right corner of Ads Manager.


3. Select your objective. 
  • App Installs: If you want people to install an app, select the App Installs objective.
  • App Engagement: If you want people to open your app, select the Traffic objective. If you want people to take a specific action in your app, like make a purchase or achieve a new level in a game, select the Conversions objective.


4. Select your app from the drop-down menu under the App section.

Note: You have to register the app for it to appear in the drop-down menu. Facebook recommends that you always register an app before running ads for it, but you can still run ads for unregistered apps simply by entering the URL to the App Store or Google Play store.


5. Choose your target audience in the Audience section of the Ad Set level. Learn more about targeting your ads to audiences.


6. Set your budget and choose when your ad will run under the Budget & Schedule section at the Ad Set level. Learn more about how Facebook spends your budget.


7. Under the Show Advanced Options section, choose your bidding type.
  • Automatic Bidding lets Facebook set a bid that will optimize delivery for your ad.
  • Manual bidding lets you set your own cost per app install.


8. Click Next to finish with the Ad Set level.


9. At the Ad level, choose the creative format for your ad.

You can choose from 3 different ad formats to showcase your ad’s creative. A carousel, single image or video, or collection. Learn more about creative formats.


10. Connect a Facebook Page and Instagram account to your ad, choose a headline, and write in your ad copy. You can preview your changes on the right-hand side.


11. Click Confirm to finalize your ad.

All finalized ads go through a review process to ensure they adhere to Facebook’s Advertising Policies. If approved, your ad will start delivering on the dates you specified above. You can monitor the progress of your ad’s review in Ads Manager.

What are Facebook Mobile App Install Ads?


Mobile app install ads allow users to install your app directly from your Facebook ad. Based on where your ad appears, any original content may be added to, dropped, or modified during the ad serving process. Facebook advertising does this to help make sure that users get a great experience from your ad, no matter when and where they see it. If you want more app installs, Facebook’s Mobile App Install Ads are the way to go. 




For many mobile app marketers, Facebook offers the highest volume and quality source of advertising traffic, particularly through Mobile App Install Ads. Fully capitalizing on the potential of the Facebook platform requires heavy testing and, more importantly, continually adapting to changes in Facebook’s advertising strategies and algorithms. 


To learn more about advanced Facebook advertising strategies, check out the 2020 Definitive Guide Of Facebook Ads Creative Strategy, Creative Testing, and Launching New Games.

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