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What is Facebook AAA?

Tips for Getting Started with Successful Ad Campaigns

Facebook AAA (Automated App Ads) launched in the Fall of 2020 to solve for some of the complex challenges advertisers may face when launching and growing their apps and games. Facebook AAA is built on powerful machine learning, designed for today’s advertiser.

AAA can be used by businesses of all sizes who want to grow their apps and games through greater scale and sustained ad performance. These automated app ads can help drive more of the results they value and streamline campaign and creative management.


How is Facebook AAA different from other Facebook ad products?


AAA uses a simplified structure to prevent audience overlap and reduce the number of campaigns to get results: one campaign, one ad set, one ad. A streamlined campaign creation with fewer inputs means campaigns can launch faster.

Facebook’s goal with AAA is to take the guesswork out of Facebook advertising. Advertisers can identify a goal, and then AAA will help create and manage the ads in the following ways:

  • Multiple versions of an ad: Create up to 6 different versions of an ad. Facebook will suggest call-to-action buttons, text, and other creative details based on information from an advertiser’s Page. Once the ad is active for some time, it will automatically show the best-performing version.
  • Tailored audience suggestions: They’ll provide some audience options based on information from an advertiser’s Page. Facebook may also provide an automatic audience option that is customized to a business. Facebook creates and improves automatic audiences from a combination of details, like people near a business location or people who have interests related to a Page.
  • The recommended budget that generates results: Facebook will recommend a budget most likely to get results based on a goal. Advertisers can also provide their own budget and they will share the estimated results that can be expected.
  • Timely notifications about ads: Advertisers will receive notifications on how ads are performing and ways to improve. These may include suggested changes like refreshing an image or knowing when an ad starts generating results like a lead or sale.

How do I edit my Facebook Automated App Ads?


Once you have created your ads, you can edit your ads through the following steps:

1. Go to your Facebook Page.

2. Click Ad Center in the left-hand menu and choose Automated Ads in the dropdown.

3. Find the ad you want to edit and click View Results.

4. You can change the following details:

  • Creative Versions: In the Overview tab, you can change the image, headline, or text for each version of your ad. Click in the top-right corner. Note: You may also be able to edit the call-to-action button, a website URL, or a form to request leads.
  • Daily Budget: In the Settings tab, click Edit to provide a new daily budget.
  • Audience: In the Settings tab, you can choose a recommended audience or create a new audience based on specific traits.
  • Payment Method: In the Settings tab, click Change to edit your payment method.

5. When you are done, click Save Changes.


How do I measure results?


To view the results for Automated Ads:

1. Go to your Facebook Page.

2. Select the Ad Center tab.

3. Select Automated Ads.

4. Find your ad and select View Results.

5. Select the Results tab to find detailed results.

Note: In the Overview tab, you can view results for each version of your ad creative by clicking in the top-right corner of your ad and selecting View Detailed Results.

What are the key metrics of measurement for Facebook AAA?


Based on the type of Automated Ads plan you have; you will measure the success of your ads differently. The list below shows the main metric you will look for by plan type:

1. Promote Your Contact Info Locally or Promote Your Address Locally

  • Metric: People Reached
  • Description: The number of people who saw your ads at least once. Reach is different from impressions, which may include multiple views of your ads by the same people. Note: This metric is estimated.

2. Get More Messages

  • Metric: Messaging Conversations Started
  • Description: The number of times people started messaging your business after at least 7 days of inactivity, attributed to your ads. Note: This metric is in development.

3. Get More Leads

  • Metric: Leads (Form)
  • Description: The number of form responses submitted after people clicked on an ad that includes an instant form.

4. Get More Shoppers to Visit Your Website or Get More Website Visitors

  • Metric: Link Clicks
  • Description: The number of clicks on links within the ad that led to destinations or experiences, on or off Facebook. For ads promoting Instagram profile views, link clicks include clicks on the ad header or comments that led to the advertiser’s profile.

5. Get More Website Purchases

  • Metric: Purchases
  • Description: Track purchases or checkout flow completions (ex: Landing on “Thank You” or confirmation page)

Note: You need to have a pixel installed to see this metric.

6. Get More Leads on Your Website

  • Metric: Leads
  • Description: Track when someone expresses interest in your offering (ex: form submission, sign up for a trial, landing on pricing page)

Note: You need to have a pixel installed to see this metric.


Our Take on Facebook AAA


While Facebook’s AAA is still new, we’ve found that the full rollout of this ad’s product represents an opportunity for buyers savvy enough to develop a successful strategy early in its life. Unlike Google’s AC, for now, Facebook’s standard auction buying still exists and can thrive alongside Facebook AAA campaigns. Formulating a tandem strategy for Facebook AAA and standard “business as usual” campaigns is key for 2020 and 2021, with several important layers to consider. Learn about these considerations in our recent blog post here.

what is facebook aaa


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