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What are Promotional Games?

Promotional Games offer brands a fun, engaging way to drive user attention and traffic to their business. The gameplay allows brands an innovative approach to landing more sales and gaining brand awareness. Incorporating branded games within the sales funnel can excite customers. Which gets them to interact with your brand as they’re making purchasing decisions.


Formats for Promotional Games

Types of play styles used in promotional games span a wide array of gaming genres. From sweepstakes to lotteries and match 3 puzzle games to arcade-style pages. And the choices are limitless as long as branding and rewards for the customer are enabled.

For instance, brands can use a sweepstakes game that offers a prize, such as a vacation giveaway, to entice users to learn more about a brand’s products. Players could fulfill a series of in-game tasks to earn more sweepstakes entries.

Or, brands can use lottery-style scratch-and-win card games to excite customers and drive them to their website. The customer scratches off a silver strip to reveal a special discount such as 50% off a service or a free service. Which they redeem from the brand’s website. This is an opportunity to capture additional information from the customer for future promotional purposes, like email and demographic information.

Acquiring Players for Promotional Games

In the games industry, acquiring players will depend largely on platform distribution. For mobile games, distribution is typically in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, with other app stores like Amazon available as well. For PC, a publisher may distribute on Steam or other publishing network found on the Web. As a result, marketing is tailored to driving potential buyers to the stores or sites where games can be purchased.


For mobile promotional games, marketers typically focus on acquiring players through Facebook advertising and Google App Campaigns, as they’re highly effective channels for acquiring app installs.


For many advertisers, Facebook offers the highest volume and quality source of advertising traffic through Mobile App Install Campaigns. Fully capitalizing on the potential of the Facebook platform requires heavy creative testing. And, more importantly, it requires continually adapting to changes in Facebook’s advertising strategies and algorithms. Over the past few years, Facebook has ramped up the frequency of advertising product changes. Top mobile app advertisers have followed suit by ramping up the frequency of strategy changes. Looking back historically, the strategy we deploy today is very different than the strategy we deployed six months ago. Interestingly, this statement would hold true for any backward-looking period of time over the past five years. Put simply, our strategy is always changing to keep up with Facebook’s best practices for Mobile App Install Campaigns.



Alongside Facebook’s ad solutions are Google App Campaigns. Google App Campaigns let advertisers create ads where people can download an app directly from an ad. App Campaign ads – and all the settings available for Google App Campaigns – are designed expressly to generate app installs, such as for promotional games.

You can use other campaign types, like display ads and even text ads, to advertise apps. But, the conversion rates for those campaigns are terrible comparable to App Campaigns. You’re just way more likely to get people to install an app if they only have to make a couple of clicks.


Takeaways for Marketers of Promotional Games

For promotional games, Facebook Mobile App Install Campaigns and Google App Campaigns are the best tools to acquire valuable players. If you aren’t squeezing every drop of opportunity out of Facebook and Google ads, it’s time to up your game.

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