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What is a TikTok Creative Partner?

Tips for Finding Creative Partners

TikTok Creative Partners are a growing community of providers that have emerged, helping marketers tap into their creativity and grow their businesses on TikTok. A TikTok Creative Partner is a vetted expert who creates, implements, and measures ad campaigns that inspire our community.

TikTok Creative Partners have a diverse set of specialties and industry expertise and provide support around the globe. In fact, one thing they all have in common is they have achieved repeated success on TikTok’s marketing platform.


TikTok Creative Partner


TikTok Creative Partners know that creativity is key to success on TikTok. In addition, they have the audiovisual and technical chops to help you generate ads at scale. Their teams also know TikTok ads best practices like the back of their hands. Furthermore, they leverage technical integration with the TikTok marketing API. And, they send assets and pull reporting insights directly to and from TikTok ads accounts. As a result, these partners are ensured to have a deep understanding of TikTok creative considerations and products, such as:


Branded Content Production and Influencer Ads

Add more authenticity and advocacy to campaigns with influencer and branded content ads. Creative partners can also help streamline all phases of the branded content and influencer production.


Creative Asset Optimization

Turn existing creative into mobile-first content with asset optimization. Creative partners also help advertisers transform existing creative into newly made for mobile content.

Personalized and Dynamic Creative

Create more personalized ads based on data or different audience segments. Creative partners also use audience, location, contextual insights, and more, to deliver the most relevant messages to each audience.


Original Content Production

Convert your vision into reality. Creative partners can bring ideas and concepts to life without sacrificing quality. For instance, they do this using motion, animation, remote video production, stock footage, or even illustrations.


Template Solutions

Create mobile-first ads on your own with partners’ template solutions. In fact, templates are perfect for any timeline or budget. They also offer the ability to create from tens to hundreds of assets at speed.

Create a Partnership

TikTok Creative Partners are not just a vendor relationship, they are a partnership. That means a TikTok Creative Partner’s aim is to understand your goals and formulate a strategy to achieve those goals. Consumer Acquisition has embraced the role of a TikTok Creative Partner. We cannot overstate the value we see in being said partner. With an intimate knowledge of TikTok, we are prepared to work with you on creative best practices. Including, where to spend your budget, recommend which portions of the platform to focus on, and more. When working with us as your FMP, you will always have access to the best practices and methodologies. Consequently, this will set your campaigns up for success.

Here are a few more benefits of working with Consumer Acquisition:

  • High Volume Video and Image Ad Strategy and production via our Creative Studio. We can create high volumes of creative for TikTok, Instagram, Google App Campaign, Snap, Pinterest, and IAB ad formats. In fact, if you need 100 new videos every month, that’s not a problem. We charge on a per-unit cost. There is a flat rate minimum of $5,000 per month and discounts for three months or for high-volume video creation. See more information on our pricing page. Want to test us out before jumping in? We offer a $99 Video Ad promotion for your first video. We will show you what it would be like working with us.
  • Managed services for social advertisers of all sizes. This bundles media buying, all creative development and testing services, reporting, and campaign execution. This is meant for companies who want to scale their direct response advertising on TikTok and Google App Campaign.


If You are Advertising on TikTok, You Need a TikTok Creative Partner

With the benefits we have laid out, we recommend leveraging a TikTok Creative Partner like Consumer Acquisition. As a result, you will get the most out of your TikTok advertising. In fact, we are dedicated to helping advertisers generate high-performing ad creatives at scale through our own in-house Creative Studio platform. Learn more about how we can support your campaign goals, get started here.

tiktok creative partner

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