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What is a TikTok Agency?

Tips for Finding the Right Partner to Grow Your Campaigns

TikTok Agencies are a growing community of technology companies that have emerged, helping marketers tap into their creativity and grow their businesses on TikTok. A TikTok agency has vetted experts who create, implement, and measure ad campaigns that inspire our community.

What is a TikTok Agency?

TikTok Agencies have a diverse set of specialties and industry expertise and provide support around the globe. One thing they all have in common is they’ve achieved repeated success on TikTok’s marketing platform. Partner specialties include:

Campaign Management

Campaign Management Partners use TikTok’s marketing API to help advertisers make the most of our ad offering. Their innovative technologies and deep expertise make it easy to find scaled success.


Measurement partners provide premium services, helping brands analyze and measure the overall impact of TikTok’s business solutions.


Creative Partners know that creativity is key to success on TikTok and have the audiovisual and technical chops to help you generate ads at scale. Their teams know TikTok ads best practices like the back of their hands. They leverage a technical integration with the TikTok marketing API to send assets and pull reporting insights directly to and from TikTok ads accounts.


TikTok Effect Partners specialize in the production and ideation of augmented reality Effects. They are experts in TikTok’s AR offering, tools, and best practices. They bring their creativity and prowess in the AR field to help brands build engaging and interactive custom Effects.

Here are the biggest advantages of working with a TikTok Agency:


Get Early Access to Betas, Alphas, and New Features Via the API

When working with a TikTok Agency, you’re eligible for early access to alphas and betas on TikTok and Instagram. Because TikTok Agencies have a strong understanding of the API, the new features, optimizations, and formats released there are quickly accessible and made ready for you. Your TikTok Agency’s ability to navigate the API is key in unlocking the latest innovations available.

When you get early access to these types of programs, it puts you ahead of the competition. By testing the latest innovations from TikTok, you have an edge over any competitor who isn’t working with a TikTok Agency.

TikTok Agencies are Certified TikTok Experts

Working with a TikTok Agency means working with TikTok experts. That means you’re not going to be left guessing on what’s best for your brand, how the latest innovations can work for you, or what best practices are key to follow — because you’ll have certified professionals with the answer.

TikTok doesn’t just hand out the TikTok Agency status to anyone. TikTok vets each TikTok Agency and can vouch for them as a trusted partner. They require any potential TikTok Agency candidate to meet specific requirements to show they can walk the walk — and they break them out by specialty.

What’s more, TikTok Agencies must be certified verticals. This is great for any brand looking to work with a TikTok Agency, because they can rest assured, they’ll be working with experts in their industry. They can leverage this expertise to help scale budgets and hit higher metrics. When looking for a TikTok Agency, be sure to ask what verticals they are approved to support.

TikTok Agencies Know What’s Coming Next

When planning your marketing strategy and allocating budget, it’s important to know what’s next. Working with a TikTok Agency can help you do just that because they are in the know about TikTok’s product roadmap. When there’s an innovation on the horizon and can give you the heads up. And they’ll do it quickly — TikTok Agencies pride themselves on being a trusted partner, and that means quick communication.

Knowing what’s coming next, gives you an advantage in planning your budget and freeing potential ad dollars to make the most of new opportunities. Being able to take advantage of these opportunities can give you the edge over the competition, and help you connect with your audience in new ways.

Create a Partnership

TikTok Agencies aren’t just a vendor relationship, they’re a partnership. That means a TikTok Agency’s aim is to understand your goals and formulate a strategy to achieve those goals. Consumer Acquisition has embraced our role as a TikTok Agency and cannot overstate the value we see in being a TikTok Agency. With an intimate knowledge of TikTok, we’re prepared to work with you on creative best practices, where to spend your budget, recommend which portions of the platform to focus on, and more. When working with us as your TikTok Agency, you’ll always have access to the best practices and methodologies that will set your campaigns up for success.

Here are a few more benefits of working with Consumer Acquisition:

  • High Volume Video and Image Ad Strategy and production via our Creative Studio. We can create high volumes of creative for TikTok, Instagram, Google App Campaign, Snap, Pinterest, and IAB ad formats. If you need 100 new videos every month, that’s not a problem. We charge a per-unit cost. There is a flat rate minimum of $5,000 per month and discounts for three months or for high-volume video creation. See more information on our pricing page. Want to test us out before jumping in? We offer a $99 Video Ad promotion for your first video. We’ll show you what it would be like working with us.
  • Managed services for social advertisers of all sizes. This bundles media buying, all creative development and testing services, reporting, and campaign execution. This is meant for companies who want to scale their direct response advertising on TikTok and Google App Campaign.

If You’re Advertising on TikTok, You Need a TikTok Agency

With the benefits we’ve laid out, we recommend leveraging a TikTok Agency like Consumer Acquisition to get the most out of your TikTok advertising. We’re dedicated to helping advertisers generate high-performing ad creatives at scale through our own in-house Creative Studio platform. Learn more about how we can support your campaign goals, get started here.

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