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How Do You Use Snapchat Dynamic Ads?

Get Started Now to Optimize Your Snapchat Campaigns

Snapchat Dynamic Ads can help you reach the right person with the right context at the right time. But, before we dig into the details of Snapchat dynamic ads, let us first look at Snapchat’s engaged and sizable audience.

According to research from Fundstrat, commissioned by Snap, in 2019, millennials are the largest generation in US history, and they are expected to drive over half of the increase in expenditure growth over the next decade. One of every three purchases was likely made by millennials in 2020.

Given this generational spending trend, Snap recommends building relationships with Gen Z now. According to Cassandra, an Engine Company, Gen Z will generate $323 billion in direct buying power, and $1.2 trillion in indirect purchasing power, per a 2018 Kantar Study commissioned by Snap.

Snapchat is currently able to reach 75% of the total 13–34-year-old US population, and this audience is highly engaged. Some key engagement stats:

  • 30+ app opens on average= per daily active user
  • 30+ minutes of time spent by DAUs on average
  • 21% of Snapchatters are shopping more

Additionally, Snapchat delivers a $3 USD return on advertising spend (ROAS). Which is ~20% higher than digital norms, per a study in 2019 from Cassandra.

Now’s the time to start engaging millennials and Gen Z on Snap, and here is how to get started:

Generate Snap Dynamic Ads Creative


Snap makes it easy for you to automatically create dynamic creative from your product catalog with pre-built templates. Sync your catalog via URL, direct upload, or through a third-party.

Manually upload a custom hero image or video with a unique brand message, while dynamically populating tiles from your product catalog. And build a multi-product unit that dynamically populates tiles directly from your product catalog.

Additionally, you can configure the Snap Pixel across your website, or partner with a mobile measurement partner (MMP). Then, pass item_id to measure, target, and optimize your campaigns in real-time. Use diagnostic tools for seamless configuration as well.


Identify Your Target Audience


Snap offers several ways to target audiences with dynamic ads, including:


Show relevant products to prospective customers even if they have not visited your website. This will cast a wider net.


Reach people based on previous on-site or in-app actions, like those who have already visited your website. You can also build more robust retargeting pools by driving traffic to specific products on your site or within your app. And drive installs of your app by displaying products of interest that users can purchase post download.

Additionally, when selecting your audience target, you can also include location information for each product in your catalog to dynamically serve ads to eligible users.

Dynamic Ad Measurements


Measure the actions that take place on your website or app, including:

  • Event Types
  • Purchase
  • Purchase Value
  • ROAS
  • Cost per Purchase
  • Install
  • Save
  • Add to Cart
  • Page View
  • Search
  • View Content
  • Sign Up
  • Add Billing
  • Start Checkout


Creative Testing to Optimize Advertising


In addition to creative strategies for Snap dynamic ads, it is also important to remember to continue testing your creative.

Quantitative Creative Testing is an A/B split-testing methodology we have developed for ad creative. It is designed to be super-efficient with both time and ad spend. This is to find the sort of breakout ads that can replace a campaign’s previous control. To do Quantitative Creative Testing effectively, we take batches of new concepts and run them against each other in an ad set. Each new concept gets about 50,000 impressions before we decide if it is a winner or a loser. If it is a winner, it gets moved up into another ad set. This is where it will run against another winning mobile ad creative, including the current control. If the new ad can outperform all the other ads in that ad set, then it gets moved into another primary ad set and gets the bulk of the campaign’s spend.

You can also check out our video and whitepaper on creative testing best practices:


Final Thoughts About Snapchat Dynamic Ads


As mentioned, while knowing general creative trends is helpful, dig deeper into the trends most relevant for your app. Further, you will also want to overlay all this creative development and testing with actual performance data. This is because you will want to chase trends that boost ROAS, not just chase every trend that comes along. So, keep testing and testing! And if you have any questions on how to streamline your creative testing process, reach out to us to discuss.

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