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What are the Latest Facebook and Google Creative Trends for Simulation Games?

Learn How to Optimize Your Ad Campaigns

What are the latest Simulation Games creative trends? Facebook ads and Google ads provide powerful ways to reach and target your current and potential customers. And, as the algorithms for these ad targeting platforms have become more sophisticated, marketers should learn more on the platforms to do the heavy lifting for targeting, bidding, and optimizing their ad campaigns. So what’s left? Creative.

Creative is king in a world rapidly moving towards automated media buying. Optimizing creative is the most effective way to drive ROAS for Facebook and Google. To be effective, generating fresh creative ideas has to be strategic, efficient, and ongoing. Knowing the latest creative trends is a great first step in this process.

Creative trends change fast and they also vary dramatically across genres. While it is good to know broad creative trends, you’ll also want to hone in on your particular niche, such as with Simulation Games, if this is relevant for you. Here’s an overview of the latest Simulation Games Creative Trends:


Simulation Games Creative Trends


Competitive Analysis

Competitors: Avakin Life, Chapters: Interactive Stories, Choices: Design Home, Cooking Diary, Covet Fashion, Design My Room, Episode: Super Stylist, Episode: Choose your Story, Fill in 3D, Hollywood Story, House Flip, I Peel Good, Icing on the Cake, IMVU Avatar, Ink Inc., Journeys: Interactive Series, Lily’s Garden: Design & Relax, Linda Brown, Linda Brown: Interactive Story, Love Sick, Moments: Choose Your Story, My Cafe, My Home: Design Dreams, My Story, My Story: Choose your own Path, Paint by Numbers, Party in My Dorm, Pottery, Secrets: Game of Choices, Storyscape, Super Stylist, Township, What’s your Story?

To view competitive videos click here.

simulation games competitive analysis


Simulation Games Creative Trends We Recommend

  • Event/Date Prep with Character Reaction: Picker utilized for hair/makeup/clothing, with character reaction (Hollywood Story, My Story, Lovesick)
  • Choices-Style situations: Empowered female characters given option to choose their next move (Episode, Choices, Avakin Life, IMVU Avatar)
  • Men Behaving Badly: Women triumphing over adversity and badly behaving men (Choices, Episode, Love Sick, My Cafe, many others)
  • Relaxing, Mindless Expressions of Creativity: Decorating, painting and cooking apps that display simple gameplay, sometimes comedically (I Peel Good, Icing on the Cake, Fill in 3D, Pottery)
  • Creative Expression/Design: Using pickers to create and furnish rooms, houses, etc. (Design Home, My Home: Design Dreams)

simulation games creative trends

Simulation Games Creative Trends (cont.)

  • Female characters in Peril: Females suffering and crying but overcoming the obstacles and ultimately having the last laugh. 
  • Mean Girls: Cruel characters making fun of unpopular/weak girls, but ultimately losing against them.
  • Time Progressions: Narrative style ads where present conflict is explained by going back in time or forward to the future.
  • Outfit Selections Montage: Showing many outfits or makeup choices. Dressing up girls for an event/date/contest
  • Choosing Between Two Interests: Main character torn between conflicting interests (Best friend and lover, two lovers, money or love). 
  • Awful Dates: Female characters enduring awful dates/relationships but finding a better partner in the end or having to decide what outcome to choose.
  • Competitive Nature: Friends competing for better date/outfits/more likes on Instagram/popularity.

simulation game creative trends simulation games creative trends simulation game creative trends simulation game creative trends 

Concept: Poor Pregnant Woman

Trends: Females in Peril, Awful men

  • Pregnant woman about to reveal baby news to future dad.
  • Plot options
    • A) Guy has other plans
      • He’s about to reveal he doesn’t love her anymore/is leaving her.
    • B) She finds him cheating on her with someone else (Sister/agent/friend)
  • Ending
    • Woman has to make a difficult decision as a cliffhanger

*Competitor and SOV: Journeys 20.5%

simulation games Poor Pregnant Woman simulation games Poor Pregnant Woman simulation games Poor Pregnant Woman simulation games Poor Pregnant Woman

Simulation Games Creative Trends Concept: Revenge with Timing Elements

Trends: Mean Girls, Time, Competitive

  • Bullied girl gets her payback years later
    • Starts in present time with bride crying/husband cheating with sexy attendee
    • Sexy attendee memory takes her back to High School days
    • Turns out bride was very mean and bullied sexy girl 

Options appear with

  • Revenge
  • Let it go
  • Scene returns to present time with the choice made and consequences

*Competitor and SOV: My Story, Journeys 25.5%

 revenge with timing elements  revenge with timing elements  revenge with timing elements  revenge with timing elements

Concept: Ugly Betty with a Twist

Trends: Mean Girls and Outfit Selections

  • Girl is made fun of because of her looks
    • She decides to go home and change her appearance
    • A picker screen appears next to her
    • She selects new make-up, clothes, hair and removes glasses/braces
    • (I’d avoid doing the weight loss part)
  • Her “new me” comes to school and tries to seduce her crush
  • Two options appear
    • Crush rejects her because she’s now like everyone else
  • He lusts after her and dumps his girl

*Competitor and SOV: My Story, What’s your story 18.5%

ugly betty with a twist

Concept: You vs. Your Friend with a Twist

Trends: Competitive, Outfits, Two loves

  • Friends compete to find the hottest date
    • Two frenemies go to Tinder to find a hot date
    • Side by side screens show each swipe
    • Both choose a guy but this part is not revealed
    • Next, both girls are seeing choosing different outfits (fast montage)
  • Twist end, they both arrive to meet the same guy
  • Guy must make a choice
    • He chooses one
    • He chooses both

*Competitor and SOV: Kim K. Hollywood  31.5%

You vs. Your Friend with a Twist You vs. Your Friend with a Twist

Creative Testing to Optimize Advertising

It’s not enough to just stay on top of Facebook creative and Google creative trends, it’s also important to remember to continue testing, testing, testing.

Quantitative Creative Testing is an A/B split-testing methodology we’ve developed for ad creative. It’s designed to be super-efficient with both time and ad spend, to find the sort of breakout ads that can replace a campaign’s previous control. To do Quantitative Creative Testing effectively, we take batches of new Concepts and run them against each other in an ad set. Each new Concept gets about 50,000 impressions before we decide if it’s a winner or a loser. If it’s a winner, it gets moved up into another ad set. Once there, it will run against other winning mobile ad creative, including the current control. If the new ad can outperform all the other ads in that ad set, then it gets moved into another, primary ad set and gets the bulk of the campaign’s spend.

You can also check out our video and whitepaper on creative testing best practices:


Final Thoughts about Simulation Games Creative Trends

As mentioned, while knowing general creative trends is helpful, dig deeper into the trends most relevant for your product. Further, you’ll also want to overlay all this creative development and testing with actual performance data. This is because you’ll want to chase trends that boost ROAS, not just chase every trend that comes along. Keep testing and testing. And if you have any questions on how to streamline your creative testing process, reach out to us to discuss.

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