About Consumer Acquisition Managed Services

What are the benefits of your managed services?


  • Facebook and Google App Campaign management
  • All-inclusive media buying, creative strategy, and production
  • We benchmark & collaborate with internal UA teams
  • We offer tiered managed services to businesses of all sizes
  • Free Advanced Reporting: View KPIs from multiple sources in one dashboard: Facebook, Instagram, and Google App Campaign, mobile measurement partners, and client’s BI data.
  • Creative Analytics: See rolled-up data across elements and drill down to uncover insights and recommendations to stay ahead of creative fatigue or audience saturation


What is your pricing for managed services?

As the app ecosystem is growing with companies in all stages (startup, midsize, and enterprise), Consumer Acquisition launched a new tiered model of managed services to address the wide range of needs across all sized companies. Managed services offer media buying, campaign optimization, and access to an elite in-house creative team. The team has vast experience in storytelling, animation, visual effects, and user acquisition. Service tiers include:


Fully Managed Services

Social advertisers spending more than $100,000 per month with significant creative demands.

  • Fees: greater of $15,000 or 15% of monthly media spend, 90-day agreement.


Soft Launch

Social advertisers spending a maximum of $50,000 per month.

  • Fees: greater of $7,500 or 20% of monthly media spend, 90-day agreement.


Okay, we’ve signed a managed services agreement – what’s next?

After contract signing, a Creative Lead and User Acquisition Lead will be assigned to your account as primary contacts.


You will:


  • Connect your Facebook account through Facebook Business Manager, we’ll provide instructions.
  • Connect your mobile measurement partner to us, we’ll provide instructions.
  • Complete the kickoff doc we will provide, this will guide our first discovery call


We will:


  • Create a dedicated Google drive directory to centralize communication and file sharing.
  • Develop a google kickoff doc for you to share information about your app/site.
  • Start a shared Slack channel for real-time intraday communication.
  • For managed service clients, we will perform both a media buying audit and a creative audit and competitor analysis, then generate a media buying strategy and creative strategy. Finally, we’ll schedule a meeting to present our findings to make sure we’re headed in the right initial direction.
    • Present 3 competitive ads on the call to discuss concepts, look, and feel to get buy-in before developing creative.
  • Provide AdRules reporting access, so you have real-time access to our performance.
  • Create default AdRules reports so you don’t have to learn our UI.
  • We will launch our initial campaigns/ad sets using your best videos/audiences and images to establish a baseline. Most likely we will also set up our first ad copy tests.
  • While that is happening, we will create initial videos and provide them to you for review and feedback. Once approved, we’ll run a/b tests to establish their performance.

The above process typically takes between 5-7 days.

What comes next?

As we work through the creative & media buying strategy doc, we conduct calls to discuss what works/what didn’t work and make adjustments.

The strategy docs are constantly updated/modified based on performance, network changes, and other external factors.


Do you document your creative best practices?

Absolutely, check out our 2019 Facebook and Google App Campaign best practice whitepaper.


What is your experience in Gaming?

In gaming, we’ve never lost!

With 6 years of success for every major gaming company, we have competed against major Facebook Marketing Partners, and out of 59 head-to-head competitions, we’ve never lost.

We’re driving UA for Glu, Matchington Mansion, Playtika, Ubisoft, Wooga, LBC, Redemption Games, WGames, Qublix, A Thinking Ape, and many others.

In addition, we’re driving creative for JamCity, VGW, Playstudio, GSN, and Kuuhuub titles.


    Will you use your Facebook account or ours?

    We always use your account so you maintain ownership of the account history and the billing relationship with Facebook and Google.


    Why do you want access to our main Facebook account to do a creative audit and how do you get started?

    Ideally, your FB account(s) are connected so we can perform a creative audit and media buying audit to see what has worked and what hasn’t.

    Based on the creative history, we put together a creative strategy tied to your media budget for testing.

    Assuming a Facebook or Google account is already running, we start by restructuring your account into best practices. We launch ads using your best performing ads to establish a baseline. We then perform ad copy tests first and while those tests are running we generate creative briefs internally, send those briefs to our editors, do internal feedback — once ready, we send them to you for feedback.

    The number of creatives generated is tied to your available budget and the size of the audience.

    You provide feedback through our creative studio UI, once approved it is ready to launch or download.

    Based on metrics, we iterate on designs and modify strategy.


    What attribution partners do you support?

    We fully support Appsflyer, Adjust, Branch, Kochava, Singular, and Tenjin. We also allow 1st party and 3rd party data to be imported into our UI.


    How often will we get reporting?

    You will have access to our AdRules reporting platform. Data is updated every 15 minutes and it works on your cell phone.

    We will also conduct bi-weekly (1x every 2 weeks) client calls where we review all data (media & creative) in detail and discuss the winners and losers.


    Why do you require a minimum monthly fee vs. percentage of spend?

    Agreements that are the only percentage of spend are a tremendous risk.

    If we only charged by a percentage of spend, you could ask us to design 20 videos, we deliver and you immediately kill the relationship and take the creative internal or to an external company to have them run it. As a result, we would have heavily invested and then lost our ability to recoup the investment through media buying.

    The first couple of months on a new account are always the most challenging.

    There is a minimum fee so we have the ability to do heavy creative strategy and testing, train Facebook’s and Google’s algorithm, and profitably scale through our proven iterative testing method.

    Finally, we want to make sure both sides view the engagement as a relationship and process, and we both invest and commit.


    Do you allow early termination from your main managed services agreement?

    The first couple of months on a new account are always the most challenging.

    Our relationships are a minimum of 90 days so we have time to do heavy creative strategy and testing. We also have time to train Facebook’s and Google’s algorithm and profitably scale through our proven iterative testing method.

    Allowing agreements to be paused at any time, means we’d have to oversubscribe our user acquisition team with extra jobs just in case an account pauses.

    As such, we do not allow our contracts to be paused, this makes capacity planning very difficult (our benefit).

    For your benefit, we never take on too much work to make sure that our UA team can focus on your business and deliver results.

    Net-net – 90 days is our contractual term.


    If we start in the middle of the month, do I pay your full minimum spend for your managed services?

    If we start in the middle of the month, we’d end in the middle of the month 90 days from the start day.

    Said differently, our agreements are 90 days and cannot be paused or canceled.

    We make our minimum relationships 90 days so we have time to train Facebook’s algorithm, iterate on creative with data and profitably scale through testing.

    Although, we do not allow our contracts to be paused, as that makes capacity planning very difficult for us. However, the benefits to you are that we never take on too much work to make sure that our UA team can focus on your business. Also, the minimum term allows us some comfort knowing we have revenue coming in. But, if we were to allow agreements to be paused at any time, we’d have to oversubscribe the team just in case an account was to pause. So, we don’t want to do that as we believe it hurts your performance and is more difficult on our internal team too.

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