Facebook released a new tool that predicts creative fatigue. In this post, we will explain the details of this new feature and help you do the following: 

  • Diagnose creative fatigue patterns early
  • Receive improvement recommendations from Facebook
  • Recover campaign performance faster
  • Avoid increased costs per action

New Facebook Tool Predicts Creative Fatigue

Facebook Ads Manager introduced new guidance for when an ad set is predicted to fatigue, before and after starting a campaign. During ad creation, advertisers will receive a “creative limited” prompt if Facebook predicts the ad set will likely fatigue within 7 days. Once an ad set is published, the prompt may surface as early as 3 days post-launch in the Delivery column and Account Overview if the ad set appears to be nearing fatigue. With this early detection from Facebook, advertisers can update their ad creative before declining campaign performance is unrecoverable.

facebook Tool Predicts Creative Fatigue

How Facebook Identifies Creative Fatigue

Facebook can determine if an audience has seen the same ad too many times. Facebook analyzes the cost per result for all recent exposures of the ad’s image or video. This includes those from other campaigns. If the cost per result is approaching twice as much as past ad performance, the ad will be flagged with “creative limited” status. If the cost per result is twice as much or more than past ads, the ad will have a “creative fatigue” status.


Facebook’s Creative Recommendations

If ad creative receives a limited or fatigue prompt, Facebook provides some recommendations. Increase audience size or create a new ad materially different from the original creative, while keeping the original creative running to maximize results. Facebook also recommends dynamic experiences. Facebook uses a proven algorithm to distribute dynamic creatives personalized by user predictive measures. By using the same image or video in each dynamic ad, reach is maximized through result-driven variations.

New Facebook Tool Predicts Creative Fatigue
Source: Facebook for Business


Every Ad Will Eventually Fatigue and Die

As dramatic as it sounds, no ad will perform forever. Based on over 100,000 videos and images we produce and test yearly for our clients, our research has shown that winning ads last only 10 weeks, before they burn out. We have performed over 25,000 A/B and multivariate tests on Facebook, Google, TikTok, and Snap and have learned that 85-95% of new creative concepts fail to outperform the best ad in a portfolio. To survive in this volatile ad ecosystem, 20-50 new concepts are needed to find the next winning creative. And you’ll need to keep developing new concepts to stay ahead of creative fatigue. 

New Facebook Tool Predicts Creative Fatigue

How We Can Help

Our Creative Studio provides clients with bespoke ad creative driven by Hollywood storytelling and quantitative analysis at scale. Mobile app marketers and web-based performance advertisers come to us for end-to-end, outcome-oriented creative, integrated user acquisition, and creative optimization. Through our proprietary technology AdRules, we also make creative and media buying decisions based on our clients’ real-time financial performance. Also, to help our clients stay ahead of creative fatigue, we use our proprietary Ad Concept Model. This creative development tool pairs creative trends with motivational drivers to guide creative exploration aligned with target audiences.

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Creative Expertise

Our creative expertise comes from managing $150m in monthly ad spend across Facebook, Google, TikTok, Snap, and Apple Search Ads. We also create and test 100K videos and images each year for clients. This provides us unparalleled insights into the evolving mobile advertising ecosystem. From our strategic analyses of IDFA loss and media buying automation to tactical guidance for A/B testing, we ensure our clients can adapt and thrive. Contact us at sales@consumeracquisition.com to work with our team.


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