With Mother’s Day almost here, Facebook for Business shared with us some timely tips for advertisers to make the most of the holiday.

  • Understand market opportunities
  • Provide inspiration to gift-givers
  • Get creative recommendations

Facebook Tips for Mother’s Day Advertising 2022


A key growth opportunity

To understand the value of the Mother’s Day market, consider participation at the national level: 83% percent of U.S. adults celebrate the holiday, translating to an enormous brand growth opportunity that boosts sales averages and increases visibility. The National Retail Federation (NRF) reported a $2B increase in consumer Mother’s Day spending from 2020 to 2021, with average spending increasing every year since 2018.

Online spending continues to increase, even compared to pre-pandemic numbers. Facebook notes that 34% of consumers plan to shop online and have their Mother’s Day gifts delivered directly. This presents a massive opportunity for eCommerce marketers, in particular.

facebook tips for mother's day 2022 overview
Source: National Retail Federation, Mothers’ Day Consumer Spending & Celebration Plans


Retailers Should Inspire Gifters

32% of Mother’s Day gifters always/very often look to retailers to provide inspiration for their gift-giving. Irrespective of demographics, NRF identifies core purchase motivators as convenience, uniqueness, cost, and creating a special memory.

faceboo tips for mother's day inspiration
Source: National Retail Federation, Mothers’ Day Consumer Spending & Celebration Plans


Ad Creative

With consumers looking for retailers to inspire them, advertisers must craft campaigns and utilize ad creative that addresses those top motivations. Persona-led and motivation-driven ad creative will improve direct response results. Create “special memories” by evoking care, wonder, or nostalgia. A Mother’s Day celebration isn’t typically an ordinary, everyday experience, so gifters seek out unexpected and unique gifts. While jewelry continues to dominate gift spending, consumer electronics is a competitive category, following after special outings and experiences. Self-care and fitness gifts are also on the rise. Advertisers must understand the underlying values, desires, and behaviors of target customers to inspire their purchase decisions.

facebook tips for mother's day gifting

Creative Facebook Tips

Facebook for Business recommends the following tips for Mother’s Day creative.

  • When incorporating seasonal assets (as many eCommerce advertisers will be doing), include strong, attractive branding to ensure your offering stands out
  • Highlight the value of the experience (not the product) to inspire the consumer
  • Remember that your product encapsulates a set of emotions from a gifter to the receiver
  • Appeal to the human (not the wallet) with great storytelling and alignment of values
  • Leverage user-generated content for a sense of community and authenticity
  • Make it beautiful, says Facebook: “Inviting, captivating visuals followed with direct pushes towards your desired action allow for the merging of performance and branding in a flawless way”
Facebook tips for mother's day messaging
Source: Facebook for Business



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