Today’s post guides you through the new features and updates for Facebook Advantage+ App Campaigns, including:

  • Bulk Ad Creation
  • 7-Day Click Attribution
  • Campaign level A/B testing

Facebook Advantage+ App Campaigns

New Features & Updates

To help UA and creative teams adjust to the evolving ad ecosystem, we have compiled the latest updates and guidance for Advantage+ App Campaigns (A+AC), previously known as Automated App Ads. Meta has introduced several new features to enhance its advertising capabilities, so UA teams have some great new tools to try out. And if you’d like expert Facebook recommendations from our UA team, feel free to contact us here. Our market insights and creative expertise come from managing over $3.5 billion in creative and social ad spend for the world’s largest mobile apps and web-based performance advertisers.

According to Facebook, key benefits of automation include:

  • Real-time machine learning provides up-to-date, optimized placements
  • Sustained performance facilitated by continuous operation versus naturally slower reaction time of human input
  • Optimization across the audience and creative settings, which considers both well-established and newly added creatives
  • Scale, as the algorithm is trained for broader reach, allowing you to engage audiences beyond your core performing sectors
  • Efficiency in the number of inputs required thanks to bulk ad creation

Top new features for Facebook Advantage+ campaigns include bulk ad creation, 7-day click attribution, and campaign level A/B testing. Facebook has also implemented compatibility for placement asset customization, dynamic language optimization, and deep linking.


Advantage+ Bulk Ad Creation

This new feature enables advertisers to automatically create ads by uploading up to 50 videos and images into the platform, thus removing the need for manual ad duplication. By also uploading up to 5 headlines and lines of text, the system will dynamically test which combination of these performs best for each resulting asset. The ability to upload images, videos, and text in bulk lead to a much more efficient campaign process.

bulk ad creation
Source: Meta Advertising: What’s new with Advantage+ App Campaigns?


Advantage+ 7-Day Click Attribution

For Android and Non-SKAN iOS campaigns with longer conversion events, advertisers can now utilize 7-day click attribution which is effective when most purchase events are expected between days 2 and 7 after installing. When using the setting “Automatically Set Attribution,” Facebook will select the attribution window that is most likely to perform best based on an app’s historical conversion data across optimization type and event.

Historical data is taken from manual campaigns but if an app is new to Facebook or does not have data for manual campaigns, the automated default is based on similar apps using the same optimization type and event. Advertisers that would like to change the default window can do so by changing the attribution window selection for the optimization type in app settings.

7-day click attribution
Source: Meta Advertising: What’s new with Advantage+ App Campaigns?


Advantage+ Campaign Level Split Testing

Advertisers can now directly compare performance through campaign level A/B testing. By analyzing variables such as creatives, targeting, and optimization, advertisers can quickly test and identify the best-performing strategies at their disposal.

campaign level split testing
Source: Meta Advertising: What’s new with Advantage+ App Campaigns?


Testing Automation

Split tests are available for both manual and automated campaigns, so this should be your first stop if you want to test automation. First, find an A+AC setup that matches your current campaign goals. Facebook has provided a handy diagram that can help find the right setup for you.

Testing Advantage+ App Campaigns
Source: Meta Advertising: Testing Advantage+ App Campaigns


Comparing Campaigns

Once your automated campaign is up and running, the next step is to compare it against your manual campaign. Testing both across different markets and audiences help to ensure the automated structure is a good fit for you.

Test only one variable at a time while all others remain constant throughout both campaigns. This will ensure you acquire accurate data. When evaluating performance, focus on the relevant KPI for the optimization type you chose for your A+AC campaign.

However, keep in mind that extending the testing process for a longer period of time can bring negative results. Recent research done by Facebook shows that having both Manual and Automated campaign types active at once will end up increasing CPM. Thus we recommend you aim for no more than 20-30 days for the duration of your initial tests.

Once the tests are finished, the platform will let you know which campaign came out on top. In the case of no clear winner, you’ll have to pick which one to keep. If the Advantage+ App Campaign proved to be successful, you can pit it against another of its kind in your next split test. By continually testing campaigns of the same type against each other, you’ll further refine your results over time.

Here are some suggestions on A+AC variables you can focus on when testing:

  • Single Country/Country Grouping
  • Amount of Creatives/Creative Layouts
  • Different Media Types
  • Different Asset Placement
  • Dynamic Language Optimization


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