The Consumer Acquisition team has produced 250k of Facebook Advertising for clients across multiple verticals and spent over $200 million in many high-performing campaigns. Based on that experience we know visuals are responsible for over 75% of an ad’s performance. Refer to our post Image Matters: Testing Professional vs UGC Images to learn what types of Facebook Advertising testing you can run to find what images are effective at engaging users and producing ROAS. Learn ways to optimize an existing creative and produce new concepts by changing a creative’s layout.

Facebook Advertising Testing

Once you have found several effective images, you will still need to produce creatives to maintain your campaign’s financial objectives. These Ads will start to decrease in performance with the increase in audience reach and spend. However, there is no need to start from zero when you notice your Ads’ performance decreasing. There are simple ways to optimize an existing creative once its performance starts to wane. Below we’ve outlined how to produce new concepts by changing a creative’s layout.  For a complete list of creative Ad elements, you can test, refer to our white paper Creative Ideas for Facebook Advertisers.

Concepts: Different Layouts

The simplest and easiest way to create new concepts based on an existing high-performing Ad is to keep the winning elements the same but change the layout of the design. You can test moving elements around from top to bottom, left to right. You can also test adding a second, third winning image. We highly recommend adding a text header that tells the story of the site or app within 6 words or less. See some examples below.

facebook advertising testing

Concepts: Different Grids

Another simple way to produce new concepts from an existing winning concept is to divide the image(s) into grids. If you are selling products, you can showcase them in different grids. You can also test by placing images side by side, split the screen into grids of 2×2, 3×4, 4×4, or with ½ x ½. See some examples below.Facebook Advertising Testing

Facebook Advertising Testing with Creative Studio

To make it easier for Facebook advertisers to develop and test fresh creative concepts and variations of existing concepts for images, videos, and ad copy, we’ve created a studio for Facebook Creatives. In our Creative Studio, advertisers submit short creative briefs explaining their goals, objectives, and creative instructions. They receive creatives from our network of global designers and video editors. Finally, choosing the creatives they want to run and pay based on the creative’s performance. 

Jason Lin, CMO of Filld said, “Consumer Acquisition ramped up spend within the first few weeks and capped out our daily budget while reducing our CPA by 42% within 90 days. Their Creative Studio allowed us to rapidly test new creative (images and videos) with various copy messaging. At the same time, we continued to drive new customers to our platform even when we increased spend by eleven times from month 1 to month 3. They’ve transformed our business and marketing approach, and we recommend them to anyone looking to properly scale their Facebook user acquisition.”

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