Strong visuals capture Facebook and Instagram’s audience’s attention, but a strong image copy will help users decide if they want to click the ad or not.


Image Copy and Calls to Action


Image copy communicates your product’s message and value proposition, and it compels users to take action. If your copy is weak and does not engage users, your ad will fail at producing ROAS. In building over 250,000 ads, and spending over $200,000,000 in Instagram and Facebook advertising, we’ve learned what kind of language drives engagement, and what type of image copy tests you can run to increase your campaign’s performance.

There are several tests used to improve your image copy instantly. First of all, asking a question can produce better results than stating facts or benefits. Furthermore, when you ask a question, users feel like they are part of a two-way conversation. They are most likely to pay attention to your ad and take action. Finally, if you are stating facts and benefits in your copy, you can try changing the sentence to a question. Then, see if it produces better results.

Another proven way to drive engagement and improve your ad’s performance is to include strong words like free, win, new, best, top, or #1 in your call to action. These words automatically capture the user’s attention. See some examples below.

Facebook Advertising, Image Copy Testing, Facebook Testing

Beyond language, you can try several things with your image copy to improve performance. You can test font size, angle, treatment, and color: bright colors vs neutral colors. If you are using a banner for your copy, you can test different shapes and different colors. In addition, image copy placement is another test you can run. For instance, by moving it around from top to bottom, right to left, and even centering it. When testing image copy, text should never take more than 20% of the space in your image. See some examples below.

Facebook Advertising, Facebook Testing, Image Copy Testing


Creative Studio

We have created a marketplace for Facebook Creatives. This will make it easier for advertisers. They can develop and test fresh creative concepts and variations of existing concepts for images, videos, and ad copy. In our Creative Studio, advertisers submit short creative briefs explaining their goals, objectives, and creative instructions. They receive creatives from our network of global designers and video editors, choose the creatives they want to run, and pay based on the creative’s performance. 

Our clients are satisfied with our creative testing. John Parides from Glu, “Consumer Acquisition ramped up within the first several days and capped out our daily budget while delivering CPIs 20% below targets and beating ROAS goals. They continue to test creative (images and videos), messaging, and targeting and have further reduced CPIs by 60% and increased ROAS 25%. This team knows Facebook and how to fight off creative and audience fatigue.”

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