Today we are excited to announce that Evan Astrowsky is joining us as General Manager of our Creative Studio division. Under his leadership, our global creative team will expand its live-action, photography, and animation production capabilities across Facebook, Google, TikTok, Snap, TV, OTT, and DOOH.

Evan Astrowsky Named New GM of Consumer Acquisition’s Creative Studio Division

Evan Astrowsky

Astrowsky is a seasoned advertising executive with a blend of ad agency, live-action, and film production experience. He has produced feature films, like CABIN FEVER and FANBOYS. He has also overseen commercial and content production for iconic brands at agencies like Ayzenberg, Petrol, and Contend. While at Ayzenberg, he led the production team delivering thousands of pieces of content annually. Including content from multi-million-dollar budget broadcast spots to daily social media videos for brands, such as Microsoft, Xbox, and Oculus.

Brian Bowman, CEO, and founder of Consumer Acquisition said, “Mobile advertising has been changed by Facebook and Google’s automated media buying and Apple’s removal of IDFA. Automation and probabilistic attribution have made creative the primary lever for profit-minded advertisers to optimize performance. Since 2013, we have driven profitable creative for the world’s largest mobile app advertisers. And we are excited to extend our value proposition to retailers, brands, and TV advertisers. Evan will drive our on-shore content production strategy with near and off-shore creative production to deliver world-class results for our brands and advertisers.”

Evan said, “I am excited to bring my years of hands-on production experience to the Creative Studio. Expanding our global capabilities, helping to improve upon creative execution, and ultimately delivering the best quality work for brands is something I look forward to leading.”

Creative Optimization

Digital advertising has transformed the landscape for advertisers, such that any digital surface is now an opportunity to reach audiences. Platform diversification has exploded the need for creative optimization and the need for better, faster, cheaper solutions. Companies with the most effective creative and knowledge on how to dynamically optimize creative will dominate the digital ad space for years to come. However, brands need the big ad agency experience of a hands-on collaborative approach. Combine this with profitable margins and faster creative production but with a nimble independent agency. Which Consumer Acquisition delivers through the Creative Studio.

As an advertising industry thought leader and veteran, Astrowsky is also an advocate for disabled people in the workplace. He lends his time helping the spinal cord injured community near his home in Los Angeles and in the New York area.

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