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Disney Sorcerer’s Arena High Performing Ad Creative

Once considered a messaging app for millennials, Snapchat now reports 293 million people use the platform every day. With Snapchat reaching 75% of millennials and Gen Z, mobile game advertisers willing to test the platform will unlock new audiences with the right ad creative. As we have reported, the loss of IDFA has caused massive disruption to the mobile ad ecosystem, so now is the time for experimentation.

[See our reports on the erosion of lookalike targeting, skyrocketing CPMs, revenue drops of 15-20 percent for iOS advertisers, and impact on Android ad performance.]

Based on MobileAction Ad Intelligence data, we compared five styles of ad creative for Disney Sorcerer’s Arena, a card collecting turn-based RPG based on assembling a team of Disney and Pixar characters to battle against other players. The broad appeal of Disney’s IP is a perfect opportunity to experiment with persona-led creative designed for different motivations and interests. Due to the idiosyncrasies of the platform, Snapchat creative requires a unique approach; for more on this, read our Snapchat Ad Creative Best Practices here.

Our creative learning agenda incorporates intensive research into game genre, personas, and user motivations as well as understanding what ads our target users are responding to in other markets.

Here are competitor trends we’re seeing for RPG ad creative:

  • Game Trailer: Overview of the game showcasing characters, gameplay, and graphics. (Marvel Future Fight, Summoners War, Disney Heroes: Battle Mode)
  • Gameplay: Simple gameplay, sometimes simulated or augmented.Disney Sorcerer's Arena (Marvel Strike Force: Squad RPG)
  • Characters: Concepts built around game character personalities, powers, and origins.
    (Raid: Shadow Legends, Looney Tunes World of Mayhem, Rise of Kingdoms)
  • Player Focused: Player types, player interviews, and PVP gameplay.
    (AFK Arena, Marvel Contest of Champions)
  • Influencers/UGC: Leveraging influencer and player interviews & reviews
    (Raid Shadow Legends, Rise of Kingdoms, The Seven Deadly Sins)
  • Pop Culture: Ads that have pop culture and lifestyle as a primary element.
    (Looney Tunes World of Mayhem)
  • Competitive: Comparing the app against other apps or games. (AFK Arena)

However, without deterministic tracking on iOS or effective lookalike audiences, creative teams can no longer rely on broad-stroke trends. Persona-led creative developed around player motivations, preferences, and interests is the most effective way to sustain profitable user acquisition. Two useful frameworks for mapping player motivation come from Market researcher Quantic Foundry and more recently, Facebook’s Big Catch Playbook.

Disney Sorcerer's Arena


Now let’s see what style of ad worked better on Snapchat in this creative countdown for Disney Sorcerer’s Arena based on MobileAction data.


#5: Card Collecting

Uses mellow game graphics to appeal to players who value achievement, collection and completion, customization, and challenge.


#4: Theatrical Gameplay

Uses dramatic augmented gameplay, cinematics, and character stats to appeal to players who value immersion, action, surprises, and achievement.


#3: Leveling Up

Uses simplified gameplay through increasing character stats to appeal to players who value achievement.


#2: Influencer/UGC

Uses cinematic scenes with picture-in-picture response narration to appeal to players who value a connection to other players.


#1: Connected Characters

Uses beloved characters connected by their game powers to appeal to players who value story, fantasy, and strategy.


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