Glu, a leading global developer of 3D freemium mobile games, hired Consumer Acquisition to assist in developing new and innovative creative concepts for effective Instagram & Facebook advertising. Also, this was to gain worldwide mass distribution of their new interior design game Design Home. As a result, Leveraging Consumer Acquisition’s Creative Studio platform, Design Home was able to increase its ROAS by 70% on a 7-figure spend.


Glu Mobiles’ Design Home


Creative Studio

Consumer Acquisition, a Facebook & Instagram partner and the only end-to-end user acquisition solution, designed the Creative Studio to assist Advertisers like Glu to produce and test effective Facebook creatives at scale. In addition, The Creative Studio, which recently became available to all Facebook Advertisers, offers access to a global network of experienced designers and video editors specialized in Facebook advertising. And, it’s based on a pay-per-performance model.

design home ads

Most noteworthy, Glu was one of the first advertisers to experience the benefits of the Creative Studio. First, to get started in the studio, creative briefs were provided detailing Design Home’s target market, creative testing history, and available assets. And, once the creative brief was live, designers and video editors worked up over 40 video concepts for Design Home to review and test. Finally, as a result of our aggressive creative testing, our team achieved several winning concepts. 

First of all, we started early concept testing with some assumptions and not a lot of data. Because of this, our early ads were naturally some of the lowest-performing ads. Hence, empty rooms showed side-by-side decorated rooms that included emojis and hands to make the ads eye-catching. But, none of these ads performed well. See some examples below.

design home ads

Once we identified the winning concept, and our team submitted new briefs requesting variations of this concept. In addition, variation requests included changes in video length, scene order, and image selection. Also, included were the copy, banner color, calls to action, text color, font treatment, and more. Finally, through the studio, over 150 variations were tested to find new combinations that would allow Design Home to scale and radically increase their ROAS and sustain high spend.

High-performing Facebook Advertising

As with Design Home, high-performing Facebook advertising campaigns require a considerable investment in creative development. In addition, choosing the right visuals offer advertisers the best chance at achieving campaign performance goals. But, only 5% of ad creatives are effective at converting installs to meet advertiser’s financial objectives. And, oftentimes it’s hard requiring a lot of testing to get to a winning combination. Consequently, advertisers must constantly test a high volume of ad creatives to drive optimal campaign performance.

Consumer Acquisition’s Pay-for-Performance Creative Studio empowers Facebook and Instagram advertisers to fight creative fatigue with scaled creative production and innovation. Also, advertisers can rapidly deploy and test new ad concepts. As a result, this enables quick identification of high-performing creatives that drive user acquisition and revenue growth.  


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