Facebook’s and Google’s machine learning algorithms have automated intra-day optimization tasks. As optimization is automated, ad creative has become the primary differentiator for advertising performance. Our creative marketplace produces high-scale videos and images for advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Google UAC, Snap, Pinterest and IAB.  Free access to Shutterstock’s library of over 180 million images and videos.

How Does The Creative Marketplace Work?


A creative brief is written by you or through our free concierge service and specifies the creative requests.


Review creatives through our easy-to-use user interface. Typically, designs are delivered in 2-4 days.


Approve creatives, pay and launch with 1-click into Facebook, Instagram or download for other social services.


Robust creative analytics with tagging of media and audiences to quickly uncover meaningful insights.


New Creative Reviews & Approvals


Fresh Creative Concepts At Scale!

We’re experts at direct response, social advertising. We’ve built a high-quality, in-house team of video editors and designers that have delivered over 300,000 concepts. We understand successful social advertising requires a tremendous volume of fresh creative concepts and we’ll deliver an endless supply of creative strategies based on the best practices of each social channel.  With our creative marketplace you can easily increase the intensity of creative testing, benchmark and supplement your internal team capabilities.  We offer free access to Shutterstock’s library of over 180 million images and videos.

Easy Creative Reviews & Approvals.

We offer a simplified approach to the creative approval processes with an easy-to-use, Trello-like task manager that gathers and centralizes creative feedback, tasks and action items to unify communications across stakeholders.  Create custom workflows that fit your unique way of getting creative approvals done. and receive real-time updates and alerts to check the status of creative as it moves along the approval process.

Real Experience. Real Results.

We’ve produced over 300,000 ads and spent over $1 billion in advertising on Facebook, Instagram and Google.  We’ve build our knowledge for producing high-performing creative into our Creative Marketplace.  We understand the careful balance between branding and performance ads and how to iterate on prototype ads vs finished/polished ads.  We’ll maximize results and follow best practices for each social channel.

Creative Analytics & Reporting

Millions of Facebook, Instagram & Google advertisers — big and small — are looking for better reporting, insights, and recommendations to improve their advertising performance. As a result, we offer the advanced AdRules reporting platform for free.

We take a creative-first approach to analytics and display your data in one place. View rolled up data across creatives and audiences with robust tags and insights.  Drill down to uncover the insights that matter most to your business. AdRules will automatically flag ads that need a refresh and track performance of all ads, not just the ads from the creative marketplace.


Social Ad Specs We Support


Creative Marketplace Pricing

Our Creative Marketplace offers advertisers a high-volume of fresh creative concepts for videos and images for Facebook, Instagram, Google UAC, Snap, Pinterest and IAB ads.  We provide a free concierge service to help with creative brief writing and feedback to designers.

Videos & Images

One-Offs $15,000 $30,000 $45,000 $60,000 $75,000
Monthly $ Commitment (no extra fees for individual creatives) $5,000 $5,000 $10,000 $15,000 $20,000 $25,000
Contract Length 1 Month 3Months 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months
Per Video: up to 15 seconds $1,250 $1,000 $833 $714 $625 $570
Video: Number Per Month 4 5 12 21 32 44
Video: Version or Resizing $500 $375 $300 $257 $221 $199
Static Image or Ad Copy: Original $200 $150 $120 $100 $86 $77
Static Image or Ad Copy: Variant $40 $30 $24 $20 $20 $20
Static: Resize $10 $8 $5 $5 $5 $5
Static: Carousel (per frame) $150 $113 $90 $75 $64 $58
Dedicated Client Service Rep & Slack Channel No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
  • To view supported creative specs for Facebook, Instagram, Google UAC, Snap, Pinterest and IAB ads, click here.
  • You can buy videos and images without a monthly agreement for $5,000 or get a discount when you agree to a 3-month commitment.
  • Pick the column you are interested in and pricing apply to all videos, static images and ad copy in that column, any media type can be mixed and matched together.
  • Creative revisions are limited to 2 cycles per element.
  • Turn around time is 2-4 days on average but is dependent on access to assets and complexity of requests.
  • Additional videos, static images, and ad copy can be purchased at your per unit pricing tier.
  • Monthly minimum fees do not roll over and are non-refundable.
  • Free Advanced Reporting available for any connected Facebook or Instagram account.
  • Assets can be downloaded or uploaded to a connected Facebook and Instagram account.
  • Optional: AdRules can be used for free ad building and uploading. (AdRules optimization of bids or budgets is disabled.)