Facebook Ad Ideas for Campaign Success



Why Does Facebook Ad Creative Matter?


There are several variables to successful Facebook mobile app advertising for user acquisition and lead generation. First, you can change and test budgets, bids, audiences, creative, creative placement, formats, copy and more. But, identifying the most important variable for the success of your Facebook advertising campaigns would seem complex. However, Facebook Ad Manager’s optimization capabilities have dramatically improved in recent years. Hence, shifting the weight of your campaigns’ success to one variable: ad creative.


Just a few years ago all optimization in Facebook Ad Manager such as adjusting bids or budgets had to be done manually. Today, advancements in AI and machine learning have allowed Facebook to drive better performance by making those important intraday decisions on its own. As a result, budgets, bidding, audiences and placement decisions can now be automated on Facebook Ad Manager by setting rules helping to reduce waste and maximize results.



Table of Contents



Chapter 1: A Brief History of Facebook Ads


  • How Facebook Ads have progressed in the past 15 years
  • Advancements and differentiators of Facebook as an ad platform





Chapter 2: Facebook Creative Testing Best Practices


  • Defining brand elements pre-testing
  • Determining basics like color schemes
  • How to make data-driven decisions in a brand-driven company
  • Forming hypotheses






Chapter 3: Creative Ad Ideas for Facebook Campaigns


  • Creating effective videos with limited assets
  • Different types of video ads
  • Agile best practices for videos
  • Concepts versus variations
  • Possible items to test for ads





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