Checkout 51 Case Study

Case Study: How Checkout 51 reduced cost per registration 54%!

Checkout 51 is a mobile app that helps consumers save on brands that they love. Their objective was to profitably acquire registered mobile app users at scale on Facebook and Instagram for both their iOS and Android apps.


spend in 1 month

cost per registration


Checkout 51 works with a variety of partners to manage user acquisition on Facebook and Instagram. While other partners have been able to meet their cost targets, Checkout 51 was looking to increase the volume of new users at the right price.


Mobile app install ads on Facebook and Instagram.


On the 4th day of testing, we found a creative winner that produced a cost per registration -54% below Checkout 51’s cost target. We were able to reach a massive scale in our first full month, spending +$1 million while maintaining a 50.2% reduction in cost per registration vs. their cost target.

Noah Godfrey | Founder | Checkout 51

“Consumer Acquisition has helped us grow our app installs and has done so while beating our cost targets by -54%. They have excelled in a/b testing and have discovered new creative strategies through their rigorous testing. They have successfully scaled our spend to +$1 million and we look forward to continuing to work with them to find new areas to grow.”

Download Checkout 51’s Case Study here. 

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