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Project Goal

Lokum Games was looking to improve the performance of their UA campaigns for their title Zula Mobile. The problem was specifically their creative approach. Due to Consumer Acquisition’s creative studio having 8 years of experience in the industry, we were able to help them address these challenges.


The FPS mobile industry is very competitive, with big games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, and PUBG dominating the market. As such Consumer Acquisition dived into competitor research to understand what was working. Lokum Games gave Consumer Acquisition complete freedom when it came to creative concepting, as such we were able to explore original ideas as well as targeting proven concepts. Overall Consumer Acquisition enabled Lokum Games to venture outside of its comfort zone and test new exciting concepts that ultimately drove results.

zula mobile

Our Solution


Lokum Games joined the Creative Studio to receive high-quality effective UA creative for their title Zula Mobile.


Created +6 new creatives in +1 month turnaround time.

Client Testimonials

Case Studies

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How Matchington Mansions sustained high ROAS!

7-day revenue increase


cost per mobile app install


new creative combinations

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How Design Home increased ROAS by 70%!



Creative Variations



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How Cooking Dash significantly increased volume!

increase in total FB volume


outperformed FB yields by

meow match
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app installs


cost per purchase

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How Covet Fashion increased 7-day revenue by 220%!

7-day revenue increase


lookalike and custom audiences tested


videos tested

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