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Project Goal

Maximize ARPU while scaling volume for casual casino slots games using both Facebook and Instagram Acquisition channels.


Online Convergence creates free-to-play games that encourage customers to win at everything they do. They wanted to scale mobile app install volume for their SpinToWin social casino slots games while hitting average revenue per user (ARPU) goals.

spin to win

Our Solution


Mobile app installs ads on Facebook and Instagram.


Created and optimized over +200 custom interest groups and +70 lookalike audiences.


50% increase in CTR through creative optimization and rigorous testing of +200 images and videos with +40 ad copy variations.50% increase in CTR through creative optimization and rigorous testing of +200 images and videos with +40 ad copy variations.


Automated campaign management workflow with AdRules, by automating a/b testing for images and ad copy, creative analysis, audience analysis and ad launch recommendations.

Clients Testimonials

“Consumer Acquisition understands how to be successful with Facebook and Instagram mobile app installs. This is our second time with their company because they deliver great results: a reduction in CPI and increases in both APRU and install volume. They have a very meticulous approach to testing and optimization and are constantly delivering insights and recommendations based on analysis of recent performance. They are the most efficient Facebook UA team in the social casino space and we highly recommend them!”

Vice President of Marketing,

Co-Founder and VP Sales and Marketing

Case Studies

Matchington Mansions
How Matchington Mansions sustained high ROAS!

7-day revenue increase


cost per mobile app install


new creative combinations

design home increased roas
How Design Home increased ROAS by 70%!



Creative Variations



junes journey
How June’s Journey increased ROI by 180%!





creative concepts & variations

cooking dash
How Cooking Dash significantly increased volume!

increase in total FB volume


outperformed FB yields by

covet fashion
How Covet Fashion increased 7-day revenue by 220%!

7-day revenue increase


lookalike and custom audiences tested


videos tested

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