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Project Goal

Increase volume and lead value per dollar spent.


Hearth is a financial mobile app for contractors that offers financing options for customers so contractors can close more deals. Hearth wanted to acquire more high-intent users, and engaged with Consumer Acquisition.

hearth increased volume

Our Solution


Website conversion ads on Facebook and Instagram.


Created +220 concepts and variations, +175 custom and lookalike audiences.

Clients Testimonials

“Consumer Acquisition’s expert UA team helped our business grow exponentially. Their ability to target high-intent users led to an almost double-digit decrease in our cost per high-value lead and drove up net profit. And they created top-notch content they were always testing at scale to ensure optimal performance.”

John Marini,

VP of Marketing

Case Studies

Matchington Mansions
How Matchington Mansions sustained high ROAS!

7-day revenue increase


cost per mobile app install


new creative combinations

design home increased roas
How Design Home increased ROAS by 70%!



Creative Variations



cooking dash
How Cooking Dash significantly increased volume!

increase in total FB volume


outperformed FB yields by

meow match
How Meow Match increased ROAS by 89%!



app installs


cost per purchase

covet fashion
How Covet Fashion increased 7-day revenue by 220%!

7-day revenue increase


lookalike and custom audiences tested


videos tested

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