• -17%

    cost per completed tutorial

Project Goal

Leverage Consumer Acquisition to profitably scale Facebook ad spend. Also, to decrease completed app tutorial costs, identify new creative, and sustain a high level of installs across the United States.


Cloze is a relationship management tool that lets users see everything about their business contacts all in one place. In fact, with its smart AI technology, Cloze pulls information from all of your apps to create a single view of every person and company. Also, every email, note, calendar, phone call, and text message. Therefore, the objective from the client was to identify high-value audiences and profitably scale spend by consistently testing new creative ad types.

Our Solution


Mobile app install ads on Facebook and Instagram


AdRules automated A/B testing, creative analysis, audience analysis, and ad launches.


AdRules automated rules for bidding, budgeting and pausing allowing for 24/7 account management which achieved KPIs.


Developed, tested and analyzed +25 Images, +25 videos, +20 copy variations to achieve & sustain scale and achieve goals. Also, A/B tested ad copy, creative and audiences to maximize yields and focus on the most profitable creative ad types.


17% decrease in cost per completed tutorial in first 90 days of launch. Scaled top creative across the US using various lookalike audiences and testing specific interest additions. A/B testing create types using video, single image and carousels allowed us to identify winners and allocate more volume to scale up performance.

Clients Testimonials

“I am excited to be working with the ConsumerAcquisition team. Since day one they’ve been able to work carefully within our monthly budget to scale up the awareness of our app and convert users at the best available cost. The attention to detail when it comes to high-end creative and audience scaling is top notch and I look forward to continuing my relationship with their team.”

Alex Coté,

Founder, CMO

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