Card Games: Creative Trends


Competitive Trends Card Games

  • Competitors (Card Games) : Rummy Royale, Gin Rummy Plus, Gin Rummy Best Card Game, Gin Rummy Master, Spades, Spades Card Classic, Solitaire Deluxe 2, Solitaire Tri Peaks, Solitaire Cube, Spades Plus, Mobilityware Solitaire, Fairway Solitaire, WSOP, Hearts World Tour, Klondike Farm Adventure, 21 Blitz, Bingo Town, Bingo Blast, Hearts Card Game Classic, Solitaire Time Warp, Grand Gin Rummy, Solitaire Epic Adventures, Bingo Pop, House of Blackjack 21, Bingo Bash, Wild Classic Slots, Poker Face Live Texas Hold Em, Zynga Poker, Blackjackist, Backgammon Live, Dominoes Gold, MobilityWare Solitaire, Flip & Dive 3D, Flip Dunk, NBA 2K Mobile, Chess Royale
  • Competitors (Casino/Lottery) : Lucktastic, 21 Blitz, Lucky Day, Caesars Casino Official Slots, House of Fun Slots, Lucky Lottery Scratchers, Slotomania Vegas Casino Slots, Cube Cube, Worldwinner, Jackpocket, SpinToWin Slots, Dice with Ellen
  • Competitors (Shopping/Cash Back) : Inbox Dollars, IBotta, Receipt Hog, Shopkick, Surveys on the Go, Swagbucks
  • View competitive videos here

Card Games Trends

  • Game Overview/Gameplay: Videos explaining how the game or app works with users/players, screenshots/gameplay and rewards. (Caesars Casino, Gin Rummy Plus, Inbox Dollars)
  • Player Focused: Player versus player with player avatars or live video inset, often focused on range or types of players. (Poker Face, Blackjackist, many others)
  • Real Winners/Testimonials: Videos featuring real winners and amounts they’ve won. (Lucktastic, Lucky Day)
  • Newsreel: Videos showing newsworthiness of the app based on real or fake news coverage. (House of Fun Slots, Jackpocket)
  • Casino Lifestyle: Videos with colorful slot machine graphics and/or big band music. (Caesars Casino, Gin Rummy Plus, WSOP, Slotomania, Spades Plus, Spin to Win Slots)
  • Relax/Train Your Brain: Messaging centered on the way the game sharpens your mental skills and/or relaxes you. (WSOP, MobilityWare Solitaire)
  • Real Game Footage: Live footage intercut with gameplay. (Flip Dunk, WSOP, Zynga)
  • Community: Videos featuring gameplay between players, or texts between players regarding the app itself. (IBotta, WorldWinner)
  • Heat of the Moment: Hyper-focused moments in the game when a big decision will make or break you. (WSOP)
  • Strong>Humorous Voice Over: Mock announcer(s) or player voice over, used over gameplay. (WSOP, Flip & Dive 3D, Flip Dunk)

Concept: App Explainer

  • Explainer videos showcasing how the game works and how players win money:
  • Legitimizes app while demonstrating how you win
  • Demystifies the game, lowering barriers to play
  • Demonstrates how the game works
  • Competitive Landscape/Share of Voice:
  • Caesars Casino, Gin Rummy Plus, Solitaire Deluxe 2, Dice with Ellen, Inbox Dollars, Shopkick, many more
  • Dosh: 76.8% Share of Voice
  • Gin Rummy Plus: 70% Share of Voice

Concept: Spokesperson

  • Use a spokesperson/actor to appear in a variety of videos:
  • App demonstration/overview
  • Interviews with real winners
  • Aspirational/optimistic stories
  • Competitive Landscape:
  • This has been used by established sweepstakes firms, e.g. Publisher’s Clearing House – to their advantage

Concept: News Coverage / PR

  • Create videos that leverage any news coverage of the app;
  • Portrays the app as a legitimate way to win money and by playing card games
  • Removes barriers new players might have to download and play, e.g. fear it’s a scam
  • Provides social proof that card games are bonafide
  • Competitive Landscape/Share of Voice:
  • House of Fun Slots, Jackpocket
  • House of Fun Slots: 7% SOV
  • Jackpocket: 21% SOV

Concept: Card Games Influencers

  • Create videos featuring influencers such as Mikey Slice and PickTooth:
  • Attracts players while legitimizing the game
  • Demonstrates you can win money by playing
  • Aligned with eSports trend and builds on success of poker TV broadcasts and programming
  • Competitive Landscape:
  • Seen more in games featured on live game streaming sites like Steam and Twitch

Concept: E-Sports Cards

  • Portray real winners as athletes:
  • Static images of winners in athletic/heroic poses
  • Graphics like baseball cards with stats and nicknames
  • Leverages skill of card game players, downplaying luck
  • Aspirational
  • Funny but tongue-in-cheek
  • Aligned with eSports trend and builds on success of poker TV broadcasts and programming
  • Competitive Landscape:
  • Twist on the “Real Winner” creative featured in games like Solitaire Cube, Lucktastic and Lucky Day

To See More Card Game Trends

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  • Horizontal Segmentation for Facebook User Acquisition
  • Game Theory and User Behavior Models
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  • Section 4: Creative Testing and Why the Control is So Hard to Beat
  • Statistical Significance vs Cost-Effective Approach
  • How We’ve Been Testing Creative Until Now
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  • Conclusion
  • Special Offers



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