Today, Consumer Acquisition announced our creative services agency CA+ launched. CA+ will focus on video production & full post-production, big-brand thinking, strategy, and creative for clients. CA+ was created to enhance current service offerings of animation, editorial, and motion graphics. Now, we’re adding live-action video production, full post-production services, 3D computer animation, gameplay capture, branding, and App Store creative design capabilities.

Why CA+ Launched

Soon, Apple will deprecate IDFA-enabled tracking and require the use of its SKAdNetwork. Unfortunately, this forces probabilistic attribution and corrals the performance advertising industry into a “creative first” approach. This allows advertisers to maintain levers for financial optimization. Also, Facebook and Google continually release automation features that take control of media buying and audience targeting away from advertisers. Further, dynamic creative optimization and asset feeds reduced the appetite for small creative changes that generate marginal lift in performance. Instead, new creative concepts will be the most important lever to drive creative performance. But, they’re very difficult to achieve and only have a 15% success rate.

Wider Breadth of Services

CA+ launched

So, with this industry-wide shift, CA+ launched with a wider breadth of services to support mixed media distribution and with a more flexible service model for clients. CA+ creates, tests, and deploys high-performing creative into the digital ecosystem that is focused on one thing: measurable client results. And, CA+ provides creative for all purpose﹘from integrated brand campaigns to individual asset creation﹘for TV, OTT, DOOH, Facebook, Google, YouTube, TikTok, Snap, Web, and more. These services include:

  • Live-Action
  • Video Production
  • Photography
  • Production
  • Full Post-Production Services
  • 3D-Computer Animation
  • Gameplay Capture (Unity & Unreal Engine)
  • Branding
  • AppStore Icon & Video Design and A/B Testing
  • Illustration Asset Creation

CA+ launched

Introducing Transparent Pricing

Every production at CA+ will include transparent pricing for all clients. So, the budget presented is actual costs, plus 15%. Additionally, CA+ will credit to the next month when coming in under budget. And, we’ll cover any costs that exceed the client budget. After every shoot, CA+ will also provide clients with a detailed accounting statement, time cards, or receipt copies to confirm the spend.

Creative Services Model with Blockbuster Creative

Brian Bowman, CEO of Consumer Acquisition, said: “CA+ will offer the most transparent creative services model in the market today with the greatest depth of asset creation. We’re able to achieve this with the leadership of our newly onboarded and highly talented General Manager of Creative Services, Evan Astrowsky, along with our dedicated team of the seasoned ad and film industry creatives and producers, combined with our experienced user acquisition team and proven methodology, enabling us to deliver breakthrough creative faster and cheaper than our competitors. And to us, faster and cheaper is better.”

Evan Astrowsky, General Manager of CA + Creative Studio, said: “We look forward to partnering with brands that inspire, motivate, and excite us. Whether you’re looking to film UGC with an influencer or trying to create a campaign that targets steampunk millennials, we’re here to partner with you to identify your competitive landscape, develop strategic creative, and then place it in the channels that will produce the best results.”

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