Audience Builder Express: Building Facebook Audiences in a Flash…

In mobile app marketing, complacency kills. Every ad you produce, no matter how good your creative is, will flame out in a matter of days. Audiences will start to tune out the message, or they’ll be tapped out. If you run ads past this point, you’ll just burn through your budget.

For the best possible return on your ad spend, you need to continually test creative concepts in front of new, well-targeted audiences. The strategy you use to target your ads is as important to campaign success as the creative concepts you’re testing. The more audiences you have to move through, the longer your ads will last and the better they’ll perform.

Building Facebook Audiences

With Facebook’s Audiences tool, you can build custom and lookalike audiences based on particular app events (installs, launches, purchases, etc.) and other criteria that are important to you. But, for every variation you want to test (1-day versus 60-day lookbacks, for example), you have to head back to the drawing board and build a new audience from scratch.

This makes audience building on Facebook a slow, repetitive, tedious process. App developers have budgeted time for it, and made peace with it, as the only means of achieving their campaign goals.

Now, thankfully, there’s a better way—a new audience-building tool that’s so fast and easy, it will transform the way you execute your campaigns.

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Audience Builder Express: Grow Your List Exponentially With Every Click

Audience Builder Express works much like Facebook’s Audiences tool, but in a fraction of the time. Now you can select all your desired criteria with a few clicks of the mouse, and every possible permutation will appear in your audience list. One quick pass through Audience Builder Express can produce dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of distinct audiences.

Custom Facebook Audiences

You can start to build custom audiences by choosing from among 20–30 app events. For each event, you can select multiple variables to further define your audiences. For example, you can choose:

  • Your most active users (top 1–25%)
  • Users by purchase amount (top 1–25% value)
  • Users by platform (all, Android, iOS, Games on Facebook, or unknown)
  • Lookbacks (1, 3, 7, 30, 90, or 180 days)

Audience Builder Express eliminates the need to start over for every desired combination. Suppose you click app install, then three distinct platforms (Android, iOS, Games on Facebook), followed by 7-, 90-, and 180-day lookbacks. Just like that, you’ve built nine distinct audiences.

~00:04 mark

You can multiply your list further by choosing additional app events, purchase values, lookbacks, etc. Each time you click on a variation in each of these categories, your audience list will expand like magic.

Pro tip: We’ve found that custom audiences of 7,500 are the most efficient. Facebook algorithms won’t work as well for smaller audiences.

Lookalike Facebook Audiences

Audience Builder Express makes it just as easy to ask Facebook to identify potential new users who are a close match for your custom audiences. Select a custom audience, specify your lookalike geographic reach—from a single country to worldwide—and add affinity levels. You can add individual countries, plus affinity levels of 1%, 2%, 5%, 10%, all the way up to 20%.

Suppose you have 150,000 purchasers in the U.S., and you’ve created a custom audience representing the top 5% of U.S.-based users by purchase value over the last 180 days (7,500 users). If you create a 1% affinity for those 7,500 users, Facebook will give you around 2 million users out of 200 million total Facebook users in the U.S.

If you select 10 custom audiences, multiply by four country groups, and again by five of these affinity percentages, Audience Builder Express will instantly return 200 lookalike audiences. It can just as easily return thousands of results.

~00:41 mark

Consider the time it would take you to build 200 lookalike audiences using the Facebook Audiences tool. Audience Builder Express takes what used to be time-consuming, mind-numbing busywork out of the equation. This allows advertisers to concentrate more on creative strategy and development and accomplish more with their advertising budgets.

Pro Tip: When you’re building lookalikes, be sure to factor in customer lifetime value (LTV) so Facebook weighs the top x% more heavily than the bottom x%.


The Evolution of Mobile App Marketing Continues

Audience Builder Express is one of several recent industry developments. It promises to free social advertisers from some of their heaviest constraints. With the rise of self-service platforms and tools and more affordable marketing services, app developers of all sizes, budgets, and experience levels can now do more with less and get a fairer shot at market success. Their greatest need now is high-quality creative—where the user acquisition battle is won.

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