Animation talent in Mexico is expanding Consumer Acquisition’s capabilities. Mexico is now a rising star for CGI, 3D animation, and motion graphics. In this post, we will share what we learned from our experiences while growing our international team.
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  • Discover why Mexico is a rising star for CGI, 3D animation, and motion graphics
  • Hear from our Mexico-based team on emerging trends
  • See how our international workforce benefits our clients
  • Get tactics to overcome “the language barrier”

Mexico a Rising Star in Animation

Our “Hollywood” storytelling is something we are proud of here at Consumer Acquisition. But part of what makes our creative so successful is the inexhaustible innovation that comes from our diverse, international team. As the 3D animation market grows globally— with an estimated CAGR of 11.5% between 2021 and 2028— Mexico is emerging as a state-of-the-art hub for animation and becoming a key player within the medium.

Capable of churning out animated productions of the highest caliber, Mexican animators are about to take a big step into the international scene with the upcoming release of Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio (2022). This production is a milestone in the legendary filmmaker’s efforts to nurture talent in Mexico as part of his directorial debut on an animated feature film. As we’ve grown our international team, we’ve been thrilled to tap into this exceptional talent pool coming out of Mexico.

Here’s what some of our Mexico-based team had to say about the growth of the animation industry in Mexico.

“Mexico’s animation industry has received a lot of attention recently. Mainly because its academic offerings have grown exponentially for the past 10 years, approximately. Many professionals have come out of the animation programs but, unfortunately, labor opportunities haven’t kept up, and most end up looking for work in Canada and other countries.

There are programs available in public institutions, which makes it easier for many young people to access this career. We also have animation festivals – the largest being pixelatl – which prior to the pandemic brought together highly regarded animators, mainly from animated series, to teach workshops, courses, lectures, etc. There are many branches of animation that I would pay attention to, but I think that motion graphics, 3D animation, and cut-out will be at the top for a while to come.”

— Ingrid, graphic communication for advertising, 2D animation, and illustration

“In my opinion, the success of the animation industry in México is due to the growth of educational offerings, which in turn has been made possible by the exposure that young people have had to the industry and their genuine interest to learn and be better prepared. Many students look for options abroad, like Canada or Spain, to gain knowledge and/or experience that they can then bring back to Mexico. But thanks to this growing interest several options have become available here, like schools, careers, and online courses, so now it’s possible to get a high-quality education without leaving the country, or even find scholarships and financial aid to study animation both here and abroad.

I think 3D animation for video games and motion graphics animation has a lot of opportunities for growth in the future and, in the case of motion graphics, so many options to explore like market niches. I would love to see AR grow and mature.”

— Mayra, motion graphics design and animation, post-production, VFX color correction

“Academic offerings have been on the rise in the fields of 3D animation, motion graphics, and graphic design. I think that the accomplishments of our compatriots in animation and film direction have been very influential, like Guillermo del Toro and so many others. Likewise, I think it really helps that so many films have featured themes and customs from Latin America, in particular Mexico.”

—  Zalma, graphic design and animation
animation talent in mexico
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animation talent in mexico
Wooga’s Switchcraft © Read our Case Study here


How our international workforce benefits our clients

We’ve been a fully-remote company since our inception in 2013 and started hiring internationally within our second year of doing business. Now, over half of our workforce is working remotely outside of the United States, with a third of our team based in Latin America. For over seven years, our team has worked seamlessly across time zones and cultures to produce the exceptional work we are known for. With international talent, we provide our clients with diverse perspectives, skill sets, and creative approaches. Our global team also expands our capabilities for non-English speaking clients while providing fresh cultural and contextual insights.

In a creative industry like mobile app advertising, trends change constantly and new perspectives are critical to staying ahead of creative fatigue. Based on over 100,000 videos and images we produce and test yearly for our clients, our research has shown that winning ads last only 10 weeks before they burn out. We have performed over 25,000 A/B and multivariate tests on Facebook, Google, TikTok, and Snap and have learned that 85-95% of new creative concepts fail to outperform the best ad in a portfolio. To survive in this volatile ad ecosystem, 20-50 new concepts are needed to find the next winning creative. Learn how we use creative trends and user motivations to guide creative exploration aligned to a target audience through our Ad Concept Model.


What about the language barrier?

As we build our international teams, we expand in regions where new hires are supported by established employees that were once in a similar position. Learning firsthand about experiences in the company from colleagues helps them to adapt quickly to a new work environment. At the same time, this allows for the creation of regional teams that can choose to communicate in their native language for increased efficiency. Our English-proficient team managers facilitate communications between their team and the rest of the company.

Given the currently available resources dedicated to increasing accessibility, the language barrier isn’t nearly as intimidating anymore. Modern remote work platforms allow workers to contribute directly through text, spreadsheets, and real-time chat. This means they can make full use of advanced machine translation (MT) software, which has seen some remarkable progress over the past few years. The MT sector is currently growing by 7.1% per year, as it tries to meet the steadily increasing demand from international companies.

Live translation software is making its debut in global business as well, featuring the ability to add live machine-translated subtitles to spoken audio through speech recognition. This is a very cost-effective solution that can get around hiring translators and interpreters. Conversely, the same software can be used by HR personnel to reach additional candidates in the desired foreign market.


Always ahead of the remote culture curve

In the aftermath of 2021’s Great Resignation, businesses all over the country were suddenly plunged into fierce competition to fill out their ranks as soon as possible. The market is the tightest it’s been in decades as there are significantly more job openings than applicants. According to Reuters, workers are incentivized to quit their jobs knowing there are so many career opportunities that could be better suited for them. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported in February that the unemployment rate is below 4% and quit rates are steadily increasing, reaching 3.7% in January.

Job seekers are firmly in the driver’s seat. This means companies must step up their game and invest more time and resources into robust talent acquisition and retention. Many companies are slow to embrace global hiring, even as remote culture has become the norm. The world has been turned on its head over the last two years. So, now is the time to broaden your horizons. This is especially true as companies scale. The decision to incorporate international talent increases capabilities for clients. It also improves the rate at which a company can grow and mold teams into globally flexible workforces. There may be apprehensions about working with international talent. But we know it has made us into a truly world-class team.

Here’s what some of our Mexico-based team had to say about working at Consumer Acquisition:

“Working with Consumer Acquisition has been, without exaggeration, the best work experience I have had in all my years working as a motion graphics artist. The work environment is very friendly, colleagues are very professional which motivates me to grow day by day, and at last, I feel that I have fair compensation for my work.”

— Ingrid, graphic communication for advertising, 2D animation, and illustration

“Ever since I joined the CA team, I am convinced that I have found a paradise for motion designers, especially for those who are looking to work remotely and collaborate with talented people around the world. Being a part of this team has been very satisfying. I enjoy animating concepts developed by several writers for a variety of clients. Every concept is itself a challenge, both in terms of creativity and animation.”

— Mayra, motion graphics design and animation, post production, VFX color correction

“The Consumer Acquisition process motivates you to improve by learning from your colleagues. My favorite part of the day, besides animating, are the Dailies, a session with all the animators and animation supervisors, during which I get positive feedback. Everyone here is very friendly, talented, and professional. Animating motion graphics with this process similar to traditional animation is so fun!”

—  Zalma, graphic design and animation

We recently welcomed our first non-U.S.-based brief writer to the company. Maritza L. joins us from Mexico as a Junior Creative Director and Brief Writer. For those considering international, remote hiring, Maritza said, “making the shift to an international model provides people with diversified knowledge that directly impacts performance. It opens new collaborative opportunities based on flexibility and openness. And it is in this flexibility that we can transform and develop new creative models. It’s a panorama of worldwide, connected creative production.”


How we can help

Our industry expertise comes from managing over $3.5 billion in creative and paid social spend for the world’s largest mobile apps and performance advertisers. Some of these advertisers include Glu, Roblox, Wooga, Zynga, and Skillz. Our proprietary full-stack marketing platform AdRules provides real-time business intelligence and creative research from 3.5 million video ads across social channels.

The mobile advertising ecosystem has evolved. During this evolution, we have focused on being a reliable source of mobile app industry insights and trends. Our strategic analyses of IDFA loss and media buying automation, along with tactical guidance for user acquisition and creative teams, has helped advertisers remain profitable during an unprecedented era of change. Our industry expertise has earned coverage from CNBC, Forbes, SeekingAlpha, Business Insider, VentureBeat, TechCrunch, Mobile Marketing Magazine, and many more.

Email us at to discuss how we can help you stay ahead in 2022.

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