In September 2018, Facebook launched Stories Ads to global advertisers. This ad format offers marketers a new way to engage users and increase conversion rates on the web’s largest social networking platform. This presents marketers with a great opportunity to reach targeted users, as over 300 million people use Facebook Stories every day.

Facebook Stories allows users to share, discover, interact and engage with content on a vertical screen. Their ads are full-screen, vertical advertisements that appear between user stories on the Facebook platform. Video Stories ads can run anywhere from 1 to 15 seconds, while image ads in this format can appear for up to 6 seconds, and swipe up calls-to-action allow marketers to prompt users to visit their target landing page. These ads look similar to Instagram and Snapchat Stories, creating an immersive full-screen visual experience.

Below, we’ve outlined best practices to use for developing Facebook Stories ad creative

Tips To Create Facebook Stories Ads

1. Use Good Quality Visuals on Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories employ full-screen visuals. So, if you opt to display an ad in this format, it means you can’t compromise on flat visuals. Due to the fact that users are able to swipe off a story, ad creative must be compelling and engaging and motivate the user to click on the call-to-action. Facebook suggests using minimal text at no more than 20% per piece of creative content.

2. Create Time-Sensitive Content

Users engage on Facebook to stay up-to-date with new trends and happenings. The stories are only visible for a maximum of 24 hours, and one of the main reasons that these stories are so compelling is due to the fact that they are so short-lived. Creating time-sensitive, urgent content makes it more likely that users will take action quickly. Use Facebook Stories Ads to announce important updates or offers that will be available for a limited time only, host competitions and sweepstakes, or reward engaged users with sales codes or discounts.

3. Make it Short and Sweet

Top-performing Stories ads tend to be shorter and contain branding elements earlier than lower-performing ads do. Facebook’s research revealed that, in video Stories ads that have multiple scenes, top-performing ads have shorter scenes and last for a duration shorter than 10 seconds.

4. Use a Straight-Forward Call-to-Action

Using a clear CTA in your ad simply and directly encourages a user to take action. The Facebook Stories advertising platform provides advertisers with a variety of different options for creating good CTAs. Remember to use the call-to-action option that relates most directly to your overall campaign goal. For example, mobile game or app advertisers should employ the “download now” option. This will help drive users to download your offering in the app stores.

5. Don’t Forget Mobile Optimization

Users consume content at a faster rate on mobile, so it’s important to deliver your brand message quickly (in the first few seconds of your ad) to boost engagement and CTR. Use vertical dimension ratios to ensure your ad is optimized for full-screen viewing.

Tip: Many mobile users opt for silent viewing, so don’t rely on sound to deliver your message – optimized visual creative is key.

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How Can Advertisers Use Facebook Stories?

Facebook Stories Ads provide businesses and marketers with yet another tool for gaining user attention. This placement offers a great opportunity for advertisers hoping to boost leads, conversions, traffic, or brand awareness. These types of ads also give marketers the ability to repurpose creatives for both Instagram and Facebook platforms. Thus, saving them time and money on creating extra content, and enabling A|B testing over both platforms.

At this time, Facebook Stories Ads drive lower competition and therefore present lower CPM rates. Facebook’s Chief Product Officer, Chris Cox, expects Stories to be shared more often than news feed content in the future. In addition, platform Creator, Mark Zuckerberg, has said that one of Facebook’s goals is to ensure that these ads perform as well as they do in the news feed.

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