Top-performing video ads are able to capture the attention of their target audience within seconds. But, it’s difficult to develop high-quality creative that gets the job done. Video creation is often a time-consuming and expensive process, which is why we recommend taking advantage of performance video templates.

Performance Video Templates

A number of adtech companies have created video templates for the purpose of increasing the success of video advertisements. These templates are kept up-to-date to ensure that they adhere to Facebook and Google’s creative changes and best practices. Bulk sheets and rapid editing tools allow videos to be customized at scale for greater performance.

With ad spending increasing almost $5 billion year-over-year, it’s safe to say that advertisers will be continually looking for ways to improve their video ad performance. Templates are an ideal way to meet this need.

Below we have outlined the benefits of using performance video templates for Facebook and Google App Campaign ad placements:

1. Tested Concepts

Using winning concepts creates video templates. These ad concepts are rigorously tested and found to be highly successful on Facebook and Google App Campaigns. However, the mobile app market is constantly changing – what works today may not be effective tomorrow. That’s why it’s critical to use performance video templates that are up kept up-to-date with the latest creative trends.

2. Briefing Made Simple

You don’t have to be a seasoned designer to use performance templates. The creative briefing process will help every step of the way to ensure that your finished product drives performance. The majority (95%) of creatives fail to perform profitably. So, you’ll want to develop creatives that have the best chance of performing well.

Video templates walk you through every step of the creative briefing process, including:

  • Naming the brief
  • Choosing a placement (such as Facebook or Google App Campaigns)
  • Selecting a creative type (video, single image, etc.)
  • Deciding on layout and specifics
  • Determining a deadline

From there, you simply upload the video content, branding elements, ad copy, and CTAs that you would like to use and the template does the work for you. This simple process takes the guesswork out of making great videos, leading to better ads and higher performance.

performance video templates

3. High-Performance Results

As a performance advertiser, your top priority is to drive profitable results. Our performance video templates allow for easy creative A|B testing and help you develop creatives that have been proven to perform well on Facebook and Google App Campaigns.

performance video templates

4. Bulk Editing

Editing video campaigns one by one is inefficient. Our self-service bulk editor saves advertisers time and energy by editing thousands of videos at the same time. Before you apply changes you can preview them in real-time. You can also add cards, banners, footers, CTAs, and other elements quickly and easily.

performance video templates

Oftentimes, it’s the smallest details that make the biggest impact in an ad campaign. Sometimes changing a headline or copy ever so slightly results in better-performing creative. Bulk editing allows you to make these changes at a mass level so that you don’t have to apply these changes one at a time. You can also test ad copy, localize for different languages, and quickly convert videos into different sizes and layouts. These capabilities are what make the bulk editor one of the most convenient video tools you can have.

Final Thoughts About Performance Video Templates

It has been predicted that there will be 258 billion mobile apps downloaded annually by the year 2022. That means that more emphasis must be placed on creating great videos and getting the most out of your Facebook or Google App Campaigns when promoting your app.

Performance video templates make it easy. All you have to do is submit branded assets and follow the template. From there, you’ll have a number of video ads that you can run quickly and efficiently.

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