When scrolling through posts and ads on Facebook feeds, visuals are the first thing users notice. Visuals will help users decide if they want to stop and pay further attention to Facebook advertising or continue scrolling through their friends’ content. However, it’s ad copy that may ultimately determine if users take action.


Ad Copy for Facebook Advertising


Based on our data, visuals (images and videos) are the most important element in Facebook advertising. In fact, they are responsible for 75% to 90% of an ad’s performance. Before thinking about testing copy, advertisers should first find high-performing images by testing 10 -15 initial concepts. Once a winning image or video has been identified, advertisers can further increase an ad’s performance by 15% to 20% by testing image copy.

Image copy refers to the text placed over an image or video, it’s not the copy placed in Facebook’s description, CTA or headline fields. An image copy is important because it’s the first message that Facebook users will read and pay attention to when navigating through their Facebook feeds.

Joanna Wiebe from Copy Hackers said,

“The Ad image may get their attention. But the Ad copy closes ‘em.”  

Our team at Consumer Acquisition has found 3 simple ways to improve your ad copy for Facebook advertising and ensure that it compels users to take the desired action.

Ask a Question

A statement has the ability to make people feel like they’re being talked at or lectured. It’s one-way communication. When you ask a question, you’re inviting users to be part of the conversation. It’s a much more engaging way of communicating a message. Next time you find yourself making a statement in your copy, try rephrasing it as a question. For example instead of writing: “Conquer the Restaurant Empire,” you could try, “Can You Conquer the Restaurant Empire?”

ad copy


Challenge the Audience

Another way to make your copy irresistible is to challenge the user to prove something or take an action. This works because most humans enjoy a good challenge, to prove others and to prove themselves. Like asking a question, challenging users includes and engages them in the communication process. You can challenge the user by asking a question such as: “Can you count how many legs in the image?”, or with a sentence like: “Prove you can pass this level.”

ad copy


Use Power Language

Finally, we have found that there are certain words and phrases we refer to as power language that perform well across accounts. Power language is a language that conveys either social proof, incites mystery, or offers a reward. For example:  “Best New App,” “Top-Ranked,” “Most Addictive” incite mystery and social proof. “Win,” “Get” and “Free” offer users a reward.  Language such as  “downloaded 1 million times” or  “5 million users loves this app” validates the product and incites mystery. Once users see messages like these, they are curious to see for themselves what the excitement is about.

ad copy


Writing exciting and engaging copy all the time is challenging. However, if you follow these simple steps as guidelines for all your writing, you can ensure your copy will never fall flat or boring. These tips can also significantly improve your ad’s performance and increase your mobile app installs or your Facebook Advertising objective.

To make it easier for advertisers to develop and test fresh creative concepts and variations of existing concepts for images, videos, and ad copy, we’ve created a Creative Studio for Facebook advertisers. In our studio, advertisers submit short creative briefs explaining their goals, objectives, and creative instructions. They receive creatives from our network of global designers and video editors, choose the creatives they want to run, and pay based on the creative’s performance. 

Alex Tikhman, Executive Vice President of Monclarity said,  

“We’re very proud of our innovative Brainwell App to help people of all ages. However, Facebook ad spend with other partners proved unsuccessful. Consumer Acquisition’s unique Managed Services solution, Creative Studio, and highly efficient AdRules Platform have yielded our most rapid high-quality new user growth. This team knows how to scale Facebook and generate creative at scale!”

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