2021 Facebook Creative Testing is the new update to our wildly successful whitepaper, Facebook Creative Testing: Why Is The Control Video So Hard To Beat?

We have new best practices that increased our creative success rate by 300% with updated 2021 recommendations, including the following:

  • IAA vs IAP Creative Testing Differences Based on Monetization
  • Automation Impact: Facebook AAA vs Google UAC
  • How To Maximize Distribution and Minimize Creative Production Across Facebook, TikTok, Google App Campaigns, and Snap

In addition, you will also find detailed actionable tactics. Tactics that will help you immediately improve the financial results and success rates from creative testing, for example. So, download our free 2021 Creative Testing whitepaper today!

2021 Facebook Creative Testing

Section 1: Creative Testing

  • Our Unique Way
  • Statistical Significance vs Cost-Effective
    • Why so expensive?
    • What to do?
  • IPM Testing Is Cost-Effective


Section 2: How We Test Creative Now

  • First A/A test of video creative
  • Second A/A test of video creative
  • Third A/A test of video creative
  • Fourth A/A test of video creative
  • IMP Testing Summary


Section 3: 2021 Creative Testing Recommendations 2.0

  • Facebook’s Creative Recommendations for Game Marketers in 2021
  • What happens when those iOS 14 privacy filters go up?
  • Our 3-Step Creative Testing Process (In-App-Purchases)
    • IPM Test
    • Initial ROAS
    • ROAS Scale
    • Testing assumptions and non-standard practices
  • Our 3-Step Creative Testing Process for IAA (In-App-Advertising)
    • IPM Test
    • Initial RPM
    • LTV
  • Automation on Facebook AAA and Google UAC
    • Facebook’s AAA
    • Google UAC
  • Creative Sizes Best Practice


Section 4: Special Offers

  • Free Creative Inspiration
  • Free Mobile App Industry Benchmarks


Download our 2021 Facebook Creative Testing whitepaper free!


We have also managed over $3 billion in paid social spend for the world’s largest mobile apps. Please reach out to sales@ConsumerAcquisition.com if you need help with creative or media buying on Facebook, Google, TikTok, Snap, and Apple Search Ads.

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