You’ll find the best practices for launching a game or app in 2020 using Facebook and Google AC social ads.  Receive tips and tricks for successfully prepare for worldwide launch through scaling and optimization tests and understand how automation and machine learning have reshaped UA. Hear what is driving “Creative Strategy 2.0,” why creative is the king of performance, and how to beat your control video! You’ll hear the best media buying practices for identifying the most efficient campaign set up for a soft launch and worldwide scale, how to increase audience size and combine placements to maximize ROAS.

We offer you real-world, actionable insights to your launch and profitably scale your new game or app using Facebook ads.


Table of Contents


Section 1: User Acquisition Is Dead!


  • How We Got Here
  • What Facebook’s New Structure for Scale Best Practices Mean for Campaign Management
  • As User Acquisition Becomes Automated, What Are The Roles For Machines, and for Humans?
  • Third-party Adtech Tools Are Obsolete




Section 2: Creative Strategy Best Practices


  • Most Ads Fail
  • Creative Audit
  • Competitive Audit
  • Competitive Trends
  • Asset Folders For Winning Ads
  • Player Profiles
  • Creative Strategy
  • Mini Creative Briefs
  • Winner Variation Testing




Section 3: Hidden Challenges In Creative Testing


  • Creative Testing: Statistical Significance vs Cost-Effective
  • IPM Testing is Cost-Effective
  • Why Is The Control So Hard To Beat?
  • Creative Testing 2.0 Recommendations




Section 4: Video Ad Creative Best Practices


  • Video Ads: Ad Copy
  • Video Ads: Buttons
  • Video Ads: Start and End Cards
  • Video Ads: Text Placement, Fonts, Colors, and Emojis
  • Video Ads: Aspect Ratios




Section 5: How To Launch A New Game in 2020 With Facebook Ads


  • Phase One: Early Creative Testing in the Soft Launch
    • Structure For Scale
    • Complement the Algorithm
    • Results During the Learning Phases
    • Lever #1 Increase Audience Size
    • Lever #2: Combine Placements: Select automatic placements for better results.
    • Lever #3: Increase Budget Liquidity: Select automatic placements for better results.
    • Lever #4: Bid smarter.
    • Campaign Structure
    • Shifting Towards The Worldwide Launch


  • Phase Two: Taking Your Campaign to the Next Level in the Worldwide Launch
    • The Learning Phase


  • Phase Three: Scaling Worldwide Through Optimization
    • Audience Expansion, Creative Testing, and Creative Refresh



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