Managed Services

We Take Care Of Everything From Creatives To Optimization!

We offer fully-managed services and collaborate with in-house user acquisition teams to provide creative innovation, optimization strategies and audience expansion.

Over 75M mobile app installs and 45M leads generated!

What Sets Us Apart

Fully-Managed Services

Fully-managed Facebook & Instagram creative, bidding and optimization services. We’ll design and produce all images & videos and manage performance.

Advanced Reporting

AdRules Advanced Reporting platform offers better reporting, insights and recommendations than Facebook’s Ad Manager and Power Editor.

90 Day Sprint

We being with a FREE account audit to identify opportunities and then sprint for 90 days to show immediate progress and sustained growth!

Creative Innovation

Our in-house design & optimization teams create high-performing, direct response creative that is designed to maximize ROAS and ARPU.


The top gaming and eCommerce apps and lead generators trust us to acquire, activate, and retain high-quality customers and drive revenue growth.

Self-Service Handoff

Once we optimize your Facebook ad account, we can hand it back to your team for use in Facebook’s tools or our AdRules self-service platform.

In-House Teams

We partner with in-house user acquisition teams to offer new insights, creative innovation, fresh optimization and testing strategies.

Proprietary Software

AdRules platform simplifies managing budgets, bids and ad set pausing with user-defined rules. Both Facebook automatic bidding and AEO are supported.


We’ll drive full funnel optimization by offering FREE services for App Store, Google Play store page and web sites.

90 Days to Growth!

Learn Your Business

We study your most important KPIs, metrics and users. Connect your Facebook & Instagram accounts to AdRules, our proprietary software. We’ll establish creative & tone, set bids, budgets and rules.


Understand creative fatigue by identifying poor ad performance and establish recommendations for new ads based on top creative and audiences. Discover net-new audiences from interests, app genre and competitors.

Creative is Key

Our in-house creative team will generate creative concepts and variations on messaging, images, videos all based off your business goals, brand and KPIs. We believe in Kiazen and want to “Always Be Testing” creatives. Don’t worry, we’ll do the heavy lifting for you.

Optimize and Adjust

 Once your ads are live, AdRules our proprietary Facebook ad platform, reports on hundreds of a/b combinations of ad creatives, audiences, and ad set attributes to determine the best-performing ads.

Real-time Reporting

 Our mobile-first, self-serve reporting dashboard gives you 24/7 access to your business so you can see what we do and how we do it – even when you are on the go.

Time To Scale

 With learnings from AdRule, we start scaling your installs while hitting KPIs. As we hit your growth and financial objectives, we will increase spend to deliver an increasing number of daily installs.

Show Me The Money

 Most mobile apps spend money on installs that don’t convert into high-value users. Once we have achieved your desired install volume within your target KPIs, we focus on ROI and engaged users. Since post-install events occur less often than installs, it takes longer to learn which user profiles perform the best.

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