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Acquire mobile app installs and drive web conversions from Facebook, Google and Twitter.

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Mobile App Installs

Full-service management of Facebook mobile app installs — we'll help you capture the highest volume, highest quality and lowest cost-per-install


We design consumer acquisition strategies to convert and monetize traffic from click to exit, including advertising, product and revenue strategy

Product Market Fit

Determine who needs your product and why they need it, using qualitative user testing and quantitative surveys

Search Marketing

Full-service management of Google and Bing campaigns – we've spent more than $200 million across ecommerce, automotive, financial services and other verticals


We optimize ads, landing page funnels and App Store pages to gain efficiencies from click to exit

Performance Analytics

We'll help you measure your audience so you can use real data to build efficiencies with consumer acquisition and user retention

Proven Performance Marketing


Profitable Ad Spend


Mobile App Installs


Leads Generated


A/B Tests


Fully transparent pricing for companies of all sizes

90 Day Sprint

$60,000 flat fee

  • 90 Days
  • $20,000 per month flat fee
  • 80 hours per month
  • Full Service Management
  • Media fees not included

180 Day Extension

$20,000 mthly + bonus

  • 180 Days
  • $20,000 per month fee
    + performance bonus
  • 80 hours per month
  • Full Service Management
  • Media fees not included

Startup Bootcamp

$5,000 flat fee

  • 30 Days
  • $5,000 flat fee + 50K advisor
    shares. < $750k funding
  • 20 hours
  • Customized Plan Per Client
  • Media fees not included

Agency Bakeoff

$30,000 flat fee

  • 45 Days
  • $30,000 flat fee
  • No hours cap
  • Full Service Management
  • Media fees not included

About Us

We're a boutique performance marketing agency. We provide high-touch, full-service management of Facebook mobile app install advertising and direct response marketing on Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Our approach to growth hacking is rooted in a/b testing and data-driven decision making for advertising. We optimize ads, landing page funnels and App Store pages to gain efficiencies from click to exit. Our commitment to extensive testing allows us to learn fast and scale quickly.

Our goal is to function as an extension of your marketing team and to align our interests with yours. We're 100% transparent and we work with your media accounts and use off-the-shelf technology to avoid traditional agency lock-in. We have profitably managed over $250MM in online advertising.


Ford TRUECar
Gaming & Sweeps
Smule Magic Piano LiveToWin
Jolly Jam by Dreamics League of Angels

ShopKick TheFind
Find & Save
Cloud Storage
RealPlayer Cloud PogoPlug

Financial Services
Freedom Debt Relief Buy Sell IQ
Social & Dating
Circle App

Our Team

Brian Bowman

Brian Bowman

Founder / CEO

Tom Young

Tom Young

Chief Marketing Officer

Brandon Tom

Brandon Tom

Exec Director, Marketing

Preetesh Dixit

Preetesh Dixit

Performance Marketing Manager

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Ramneek Bhasin, GM Mobile & VP Products,

"ConsumerAcquisition is an absolute world-class organization that brought tremendous growth and efficiency to our paid acquisition efforts. They work with us across both mobile and paid search user acquisition, significantly outperforming all our previous Ad agencies. They learned our business quickly and massively scaled both business lines. As if that wasn't sufficient, they continue to impress us with their deep analytical approach at increasing ROI, incredible attention to detail, and last but not least — 24/7 responsiveness."

Dan Putterman, CEO,

"We engaged to drive iOS app installs and they amazed me with their performance. If you want low cost installs at scale, this is the team to work with."

Jim Miller, Founder and CEO,

"We hired to help us grow our app installs. Brian and his team have worked hard testing lots of new creative and strategies to find concepts and creative that work. They increased our mobile installs more than 600% while maintaining our cost-per-install. Their constant testing and determination have helped our company increase growth and find new areas of opportunity.""

Sean Fox, Co-President and Chief Revenue Officer, Freedom Financial Network (

"ConsumerAcquisition helped us establish our Facebook user acquisition channel, trained our team and then handed over all the accounts. By working closely together, we grew the channel meaningfully in two quarters and continue to build our Facebook business with the approach ConsumerAcquisition installed. In addition, they provided some great feedback and ideas to optimize our landing pages that help lift conversion rates meaningfully. Facebook is tough to conquer, but this team brings tremendous knowledge and experience to that task and gives you a great shot at success."

Laurie Hinckley, Founder,

"ConsumerAcquisition drove immediate growth for our mobile app, and helped develop our user acquisition funnel on the web and in the AppStore. I was blown away by the volume of tests that were rolled out and the variety of approaches that were explored. Through extensive ad optimization, they were able to scale user-volume fast while reducing our cost-per-user. This team comes highly recommended."

Ben Smith, CEO, Wanderful Media

"I have worked with Brian and Tom through a couple of companies and have always appreciated their focus on results and analysis, along with a good sense of humor that goes a long way in helping to have a little fun while getting stuff done."

Sharon Wienbar, Partner at Scale Venture Partners

"Brian transformed marketing from the use of affiliates to a major PPC program that widened gross margins."

Stephen Wang, Co-Founder, Rotten Tomatoes

"Brian has been an advisor and friend to the Rotten Tomatoes founding team for many years and his experience and knowledge in both entertainment and in large-scale websites is deep and diverse. He's been an early and important leader in the online industry and I look forward to being able to solicit his help again in future projects."

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