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About Us

Consumer Acquisition provides full-service advertising and self-service technology for Facebook and Instagram mobile app acquisition.

We have acquired over 40 million mobile app users on Facebook and Instagram. With a focus on gaming, ecommerce, automotive, financial services and entertainment verticals, we have developed a unique process to reduce costs at high scale. Our AdRules™ ad management software utilizes custom algorithms for each mobile app.

Full Service

Fully-managed Facebook & Instagram acquisition and creative services.

Mobile Apps

Top mobile apps have trusted us to acquire, activate, and retain high-quality customers and drive revenue growth.

Proprietary Software

AdRules is designed specifically for mobile app advertising on Facebook & Instagram. Our algorithm is easily customized for any business model or KPI.

Fully Transparent

We are 100% transparent with pricing, strategy and rteporting, and work well with internal teams.

Take Control

Once optimized, we can hand back an account to your internal team to take control.


We’ll drive full conversion funnel optimization by offering FREE services to optimize your App Store/Google Play pages or web landing pages.

From Our Blog

November 30, 2015

ConsumerAcquisition.com Top 10 U.S. Mobile App Marketing Agency

We're profitably spending millions acquiring mobile apps for our clients this holiday season. Fully-Managed Facebook UA: Clients finding success with us are MachineZone, Ford.com, TrueCar.com, Perk, PlayStudios, Smule, ShopKick, FanDuel, Mobilityware, PlayDraft, Bills.com, Path.com, Real Networks, Blend, TheFind.com, SunBasket, Brilliant.co, Skylock and Find&Save Self-Service Facebook...


Consumer Acquisition (@conacq) • 9 months ago

Only one company has a chance to end Facebook’s dominance over news apps flip.it/sZQd5

Full-Service Agency
15% Media Spend
  • $15k/mo minimum agency fee
  • 3 month minimum
  • Over $100k/mo discounts available
  • 50% discount for startups
    contact us for details
Self-Service Technology
30 Days Free
  • Build & Report Only
    $199 - $499/mo
  • Optimizer (w/ Build & Report)
    $1k/mo minimum
  • % of spend tiered discounts
    available over $200k/mo

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