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Why We’re Unique

We provide an end-to-end user acquisition solution offering a creative marketplace for Facebook and Google and an AI-powered campaign automation and action-based reporting for Facebook Advertisers.

What We Offer

Creative Innovation

We’re experts at performance marketing and we’ve built a global network of experts to deliver high-quality creative at scale!

Advanced Reporting

See rolled up data across creatives elements for Facebook and Google and drill down to uncover insights and recommended ad launches.


Get the lowest per unit fee in the industry for videos and image with a pay-for-performance model that allows us to share the performance risk.

Real Experience & Results

Access highly-trained editors, designers and copy writers knowledgeable in performance marketing best practices.


Our free concierge service can write creative briefs, and our AdRules platform will flag under-performing ads to alert you when to refresh ads.

Creative Driven By Math

We have a proven quantitative process for testing and iterating creative to reduce non-converting spend, sustain scale and maximize ROAS.


Fully-managed creative, bidding and optimization services. We’ll design and produce all videos, images, ad copy and manage performance.

Proprietary Software

We’ve spent +$250M buying performance advertising. Our Creative Marketplace and self-service platform simplifies the process of buying ads profitably.

Creative Innovation

Our creative marketplace and optimization team collaborates to create high-performing, direct response ads to maximize ROAS and CAC.

Bake Off

Run a bake off to validate the performance of your agency or internal team, increase the intensity on your business and rapidly scale creative solutions.

In-House Teams

We partner with in-house user acquisition teams to offer new insights, creative innovation, fresh optimization and testing strategies.

UA End-To-End

End-To-End solution with a creative marketplace for ad creation, AI-powered campaign automation and free App Store and website optimization.

Machine Learning

AdRules offers ROAS, budget, bid, and ad pausing management with AI or user-generated rules.  Experience the UA Bot!

Performance Alerts

AdRules keeps you informed and updated on your campaigns by sending you email and desktop alerts when performance changes.

Advanced Reporting

Custom graphs with rolled-up data across creatives. Drill down to uncover meaningful insights. Create unlimited custom metrics for in-app or offline events.

Mobile First

AdRules is designed for both mobile devices and desktop allowing advertisers to stay on top of their business on the go.

Bulk Creation Tools

Launch and test hundreds of ads copies, images, videos and audiences with a few clicks using templates.

No SDK Required

We pull data from Facebook’s API, Adjust, Appsflyer & Tenjin so you don’t need to bloat your code with another SDK.

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